Wahaha fights with Xi Cha and Nai Xue, the first milk tea direct store in Guangzhou

 Wahaha fights with Xi Cha and Nai Xue, the first milk tea direct store in Guangzhou

Editor: Huifang

(Photo by Wu Rong)

Wahaha milk tea recently opened its first direct store in Guangzhou.

According to the interface news, most of the drinks in the store are made from Wahahas own products, such as AD calcium milk and lactic acid calcium milk. On this basis, fruit, Matcha, cheese and other ingredients are added. The price ranges from 12 yuan to 22 yuan. The main drinks include ad mangbobo ice, strawberry calcium lactate milk, etc.

Like the new tea shops such as Xicha and Naixue, the design style of Wahaha milk tea is bright, and the overall colors are white, gray and log color.

According to Wahaha milk tea investment promotion staff to the interface news, the project began to be prepared in 2019, before the opening of the direct store in Guangzhou, about 370 franchise stores were opened, mainly located in Zhejiang and Jiangsu. Soon after, the brand opened its second direct store in Hangzhou.

However, he did not disclose the difference between the direct store and the franchise store previously opened. There is no obvious difference between the two in beverage and store design.

Zong Qinghou, chairman of Wahaha Group, personally served as the platform for the opening ceremony of Guangzhou Zhiying store. However, the project was not in the charge of the headquarters of Wahaha Group, and there were other traders.

According to the relevant responsible person of Wahahas public relations to provide interface news, Wahaha milk tea shop is authorized to partners through the brand, and they are in full operation. Wahaha has not directly participated in the actual operation.

This partner is Guangdong Guanhua Health Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Guangdong Guanhua). According to Tianyan information, in September 2019, Guangdong Guanhua and Wahaha Commercial Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Wahaha commerce) jointly established a joint venture named Guangzhou Wahaha Health Beverage Co., Ltd., which is responsible for the franchise of Wahaha milk tea. Guangdong Guanhua and Wahaha commercial share 75% and 25% respectively.

According to an investment promotion manual provided by the above investment promotion staff to interface news, the cost of joining Wahaha milk tea shop is 250000 yuan, including 130000 yuan for operation service, technical training and operation training, 100000 yuan for storefront machinery and equipment, cash register system and supply chain, and 20000 yuan (refundable) for cooperation guarantee. In addition, if it is a store of 30-40 square meters, it is estimated that the decoration cost is about 80000-100000 yuan, and the purchase of the first batch of raw materials is 50000 yuan. In addition, the shop rent, transfer fee, daily operation reserve fund and other 100000 yuan are added, the overall investment amount is expected to be at least 500000 yuan.

The businessman said that the direct store is located in the Wushan Business District of Tianhe District. Due to the high rent (about 70 square meters and a monthly rent of more than 70000 yuan) due to the surrounding University and middle school consumer groups, it is suggested that the franchisee should try to choose a store with a monthly rent of 10000-20000 yuan in the commercial complex or Buxing street, positioning itself as a store similar to coco and a little bit. The company will also recommend business resources, such as Wanda Plaza in Guangdong and Guangxi to welcome Wahaha milk tea shops.

Performance decline, middle-aged crisis, product missing e-commerce business development opportunities In recent years, doubts about Wahaha have continued. In 2020, Wahaha has begun to carry out reform and innovation in products, sales channels and marketing, including signing a new spokesperson Xu Guanghan and becoming an e-commerce platform, trying to gradually tear off the slow label.

In the milk tea business, by means of investment instead of trading directly, a large amount of investment and complex links in product research and development, quality control and store management may be avoided. However, this is not without risks for Wahaha. Once quality problems occur, Wahaha, as the brands authorized party, will also have a negative impact.

Not only that, the current tea shop track has been very crowded, Wahaha milk tea shop want to be able to stand firm, to achieve rapid development is not easy.

According to the data of prospective industry research institute, the scale of new tea market will reach the peak in 2019, which is 140.5 billion yuan. In the first half of this year, affected by the epidemic situation, the closure of stores was accelerated. At present, there are 480000 tea shops, which is 20000 less than the number of 500000 last year.

In fact, the shuffle of milk tea industry has already begun. Huang Jiachang, who is engaged in milk tea operation in Dongguan, once told interface news that generally speaking, a milk tea shop will close down within one year after opening for half a year to eight months. However, there are still people who continue to join the industry. On the one hand, they are lucky, and at the same time, they may be fooled by tea companies.

According to the plan of the investment promotion manual, in the next five years, Wahaha milk tea will take Guangdong as the front line of development, with 10000 stores in China. To achieve this goal, Wahaha milk tea has to be ready for a tough battle.