The man had a relationship with a girl in a singing hall and took back 80 yuan of whoring money to escape after being killed

 The man had a relationship with a girl in a singing hall and took back 80 yuan of whoring money to escape after being killed

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After the unremitting relay efforts of several police investigators, in May 2020, Zhongjiang police finally successfully cracked the homicide case 16 years ago and arrested the criminal suspect Wang Mou Hua (not his real name).

Why does Wang want to kill a woman?

What happened in the middle?

Take a look at the context of the case


Many years ago, there was a singing hall called red hair near the end of No.2 bridge in Kaijiang Town, Zhongjiang County. At about 10:00 on February 25, 2004, the staff of the singing hall were shocked to find that a middle-aged woman died in a private room of the singing hall.

After receiving the police report, Zhou Jian, a young policeman of the criminal investigation team of the County Public Security Bureau who had been in the police for less than three years, rushed to the scene with his colleagues to carry out the investigation.

A woman is lying on a bunk in a bunk with a quilt on her body. Although many years later, Zhou Jian still has a fresh memory of the scene. Although there was no blood at the scene, there were very obvious pinching marks on the neck of the dead woman. The autopsy found hematoma in the deep muscles of the neck... According to the results of on-the-spot investigation and autopsy, the police determined that the cause of death of the woman was mechanical asphyxia caused by choking the neck and covering the mouth. The death time was about the early morning of that day.

It was confirmed that the deceased was a 36 year old woman (pseudonym) who accompanied the guests in the singing hall.


After the incident, Zhongjiang Public Security Bureau quickly set up a special group to organize the police to conduct a visit and investigation, and went to the surrounding cities and counties where similar cases occurred to collect relevant files and look for clues to solve the case. However, due to the limitation of criminal investigation technology at that time and the complicated social communication of the victims, there has been no substantial progress in the investigation of the February 25, 2004 case.

Since March 2020, the citys public security organs have launched a special action to tackle the long-standing homicide cases. The February 25, 2004 case was identified as a key case. With the support and cooperation of the relevant departments of the municipal and county public security bureaus, the criminal investigation team of Zhongjiang County Public Security Bureau has launched a case attack.

We revisited the relevant parties of that year, mobilized the masses to look for insiders, and tried to find new clues to the case. Liao Lei, deputy squadron of the fourth squadron of the criminal investigation team of Zhongjiang County Public Security Bureau, said that at the same time, they sent the trace material evidence extracted at the scene to the higher-level public security organ for re inspection and comparison with the latest criminal investigation technology.


Key evidence locks in suspects

On May 18, 2020, the Criminal Investigation Technical Department of Deyang Public Security Bureau used the new technology to re inspect the material evidence at the scene of the February 25, 2004 case, and found an important clue with obvious direction. According to this, the case investigation police through the investigation one by one, and finally locked 42 year old Zhongjiang Man Wang Mou Hua as a major suspect.

Through investigation, the police found that Wang was active in Xindu, Guanghan and other places. On the morning of May 22, 2020, the police went to the two places to guard and control, and arrested Wang in a residential area of Guanghan City that night.

In the face of a large amount of evidence and facts, the suspect Wang finally confessed to the fact that he killed Chen in Zhongjiang red hair singing hall in the early morning of February 25, 2004. So far, the murder case, which had been deposited for 16 years, was finally successfully solved.

After interrogation, the police found out the truth of the murder case 16 years ago.

After verification, on the early morning of February 25, 2004, Wang came to the red hair singing hall, and the two immediately came to a private room of the singing hall and had sexual relations. After that, the two men had a dispute over the issue of whoring money. Wang Mou Hua had a bad idea. He threw Chen into bed and killed him cruelly. He wrapped his mouth with tape and fled.

Before escaping from the scene, Wang did not forget to pay Chen the 80 yuan for whoring and the more than 20 yuan in cash in Chens pocket. In the 16 years after the crime, Wang has been working and living around Chengdu and other places in the province, and has hardly returned to Zhongjiang.

It was late, but justice came at last. Recalling the investigation and handling process of the February 25, 2004 case, Zhou jianpo, who is 40 years old and is currently the criminal investigation team leader of Zhongjiang County Public Security Bureau, has some feelings, we have several police relay work, and now we can finally give an account to the victims families. In my heart, the heart settlement which has been held for more than 10 years has been solved..

When this case happened, I was still in high school, and I didnt expect to solve this case in our hands many years later. Liu Lei, who was one of the last police investigators in the February 25, 2004 case, was very happy that the old saying is fulfilled once again, that is, the justice of heaven is vast, and the oversight does not leak..

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Many young girls like to go to bars to relax, but when they are completely released in the light and wine, the danger often comes quietly. There are some men in the bar who focus on the single drunk girl and wait for the opportunity to take her away. This behavior is also known as picking up corpses.. Girl Xiaoxue (pseudonym) in the bar encountered a group of evil men, drunk she faced sexual abuse can not resist.

Although the two men involved insisted that Xiao Xue was voluntary, the peoples Court of Pudong New Area recently sentenced two corpse collectors to rape and sentenced them to three years and six months imprisonment and one year and six months imprisonment respectively.

If I knew that would happen, I wouldnt dare to drink alone in a bar no matter how sad. Recalling that unbearable night, Xiaoxue is still in deep fear and regret.

On the night of June 12, 2019, Xiaoxue is in a bad mood because of lovelorn. To relieve her worries, she walked into a music bar in Pudong. Wine into the melancholy more worried, wine Xiaoxue not only can not ease the mood, but slowly confused. In bewilderment, there are three men quietly came to her side. Under the deliberate drinking of three men, Xiao Xue soon got drunk.

Three men see Xiaoxue drunk, then put forward to send it home. Snow in the confused time, the three men back to their home. At this time, they showed their ferocious face to the snow. Xiaoxue said that when she entered her room, one of the men, Li, followed her into the room and forcibly removed her clothes and handed her up and down. Angry snow struggling, but the weak snow, finally failed to keep her innocence. What makes Xiaoxue feel more frightened is that after Li put on his clothes, another man, Liu, also enters the bedroom and pours on the bed. Small snow see the general situation is not good, quick witted, lied that he had just called the police.

The next two men were completely flustered, so they left in a hurry. In order to confuse the public and the public, Li and Liu in the escape process, also exchanged clothes. After the three men left, Xiaoxue, who was still in shock, called the police. On June 14 and 15, Li and Liu were respectively arrested by the police.

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