Ai Li Li Caihuas shutdown loss exceeds 7 figures, suspending construction plan

 Ai Li Li Caihuas shutdown loss exceeds 7 figures, suspending construction plan

According to Hong Kong media, Li Caihua stopped work for several months due to the epidemic, pushing a lot of work and losing 7 digits, according to Hong Kong media. A few days ago, she felt that she could not delay any more, so she decided to go to Shenzhen and accept isolation on the 14th to prepare for her return to work. After 7 days of isolation in the hotel the day before yesterday, she could be isolated at home for the last 7 days. During this period, she could not meet her husband Eric. Her husband prepared a lot of food materials and snacks for her to use when she was closed. Although shutdown costs money, she thinks its not important, health is the most important. After that, she will attend business activities to keep her distance from the audience.

Li Caihua went to Shenzhen to be quarantined and tested. She said in a telephone interview that she always wanted to wait for customs clearance to go to work in the mainland without isolation. However, after waiting for a few months, she owed a lot of work debts, and advertising, commercial performance, online drama and film work could not be delayed any more. I was isolated in the designated hotel for 7 days. Yesterday (the day before yesterday) I went home and isolated myself for 7 days. I have asked my husband to prepare a lot of food materials and snacks for me to close down. Because its still in isolation, I cant be under the same roof with my husband. How much is lost after months of downtime? Li Caihua said: there must be seven digits, but it doesnt matter. Health is the most important thing.

After repeated outbreaks, Li Caihua said that she would attend the commercial performance later to keep a distance from the audience and would not have physical contact such as shaking hands. Will my husband worry about returning to work under the epidemic situation? She said: he doesnt worry, but I worry more. However, there is no need to worry too much. The mainland test is very strict. I have done nucleic acid test before I set out in Hong Kong. Within 7 days of isolation in Shenzhen hotel, I have done nucleic acid test three times and have to draw blood. I am afraid of injection most. I feel dizzy when I draw blood. I was trapped in Hong Kong before. When I had a sore throat and a slight tummy, I thought that I was caught. I was worried too much, and I was less depressed.

Li Caihua married Eric, who is engaged in steel business in the mainland, in February last year. After marriage, she admitted that she had a child-bearing plan. Why didnt she take advantage of the rest to create people? She said that she and her husband were not in a hurry to have a BB. Instead, her grandmother wanted to have a grandson quickly. She said that she would be surprised if the epidemic situation was stable.

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