41 years old to start again! The dumbest Oolong goalkeeper in history: I have been taken away from my life for 16 years, and I will take it back with my own hands

 41 years old to start again! The dumbest Oolong goalkeeper in history: I have been taken away from my life for 16 years, and I will take it back with my own hands

After leaving the top league for many years, the 41 year old devils hand Nan Xiongtai has almost become a piece that has been swept into the historical archives. According to the plot, this inspirational return should be an excellent hot blooded movie. After six days, the hot blood plot came to a climax. In the game against Kawasaki front forward, Nan Xiongtai regained the position of starting goalkeeper and background music after 11.5 years (if there is one) the roar is breaking.

However, the reality is not a movie after all. It is more ironic and humorous than the movie. Nan Xiongtai, who is back to the top of his life, is badly beaten. His gate has swallowed five bullets and Yokohama FC has been defeated.

However, when the game went on to 17 minutes, Park Sun God goalkeeper Nan Xiongtai made enough to make a name in world football history. At that time, Hiroshima three arrows attack ended, ready to retreat defense. Nan Xiongtai was ready to throw the ball. After several adjustments, he even threw the ball directly into the goal.

At that time, the TV commentator saw the own ball and didnt speak for a long time. Two of Nan Xiongtais teammates stood in the same place as if they were numb. Hiroshima Sanjian fans in the stands did not cheer and celebrate for the first time, but asked each other what had just happened. Nanxiong fished the ball out of the goal and kicked it away. But the most depressing thing is definitely Hiroshi HAYANO, the new coach on the sidelines. When the camera was given to him, he swore in his righteous mouth. He wanted to hold his head and regret, but his hand was still helpless.

The success of Nanxiong Tais throw destroyed her mentality. Since then, nanxiongtai was out of her mind. When Hiroshima Sanjians morisaki and Yoshikawas Komatsu got the chance to shoot, nanxiongtais action had been seriously distorted during the rescue, and it seemed that she did not know what to do. After the game, Nan Xiongtais devils hand not only became a world famous painting, but also became the pronoun of goalkeepers low level mistakes forever. At the end of the game, Hiroshi HAYANO said of Nan Xiongtai: he is too self reproached, immersed in mistakes, can not extricate himself, since the first half of 17 minutes, his heart has no competition.

Since then, Nan Xiongtai has suffered a lot. The following season, Hiroshi Asano failed to lead the sun god to the end. In the J-League of 2006 season, Bai Taishen ranked the third from the bottom. In the promotion and promotion play off, he was slaughtered by Brazilian foreign aid Barry (who later played for TEDA in Tianjin) with 6 goals and finally dropped to J2. In the case of the teams core players such as mingshenzhihe (who led Japan to beat China to win the Asian Cup in 2000) and other core players left the team, Nan Xiongtai stated that he would not leave the sun god, and led him back as captain in the following season. But Bai Sun Gods back line and defense hardness did not improve much, in the following two seasons, Bai Sun God still hovered at the bottom of the table. After the end of the 2009 season, the sun god of cypress dropped to J2 again. Half a year ago, due to the arrival of Xiaoxian Kan, Nan Xiongtai lost his main position. In order to consider his own development, he did not renew his contract with him.

Nanxiong Tai had thought that his ability could continue to play in a J-League team, but his devils hand was so famous that he could only transfer to the weak team of J2, Kumamoto crimson. In the first season of Kumamoto crimson, Nanxiong Tai once helped Kumamoto to to upgrade to the playoff area. However, the upper limit of Kumamotos Crimson was there, and Nanxiong couldnt support it.

In contrast, the old owner, Bai Taishen, not only won the J2 championship by a group of new generation players such as Xiaoxian Kan and Kudo Chuang Ren, but also won the J League Championship the next year, staged the Japanese version of Kaiserslautern miracle, and successively won the 2011 J League Championship, 2012 Emperors cup champion, 2013 Japan United cup champion - of course, this has nothing to do with Nanxiong Tai. What makes Nan Xiong Tai spit blood most is the firmness of Bai Sun Gods defense line at this time. Under the guidance of Brazils old coach nellinho, Bai sun Shens back line almost made no mistakes, enjoying the reputation of invincible cypress in Japan (until Evergrande scored 8 goals in two rounds in the Asian Championship). It is estimated that Nan Xiongtai will sigh with regret that he has no such treatment.

Nanxiongtai has played for three seasons in Kumamoto crimson. After finding out that Kumamoto is a dour who cant help him up, Nan Xiongtai transferred to Yokohama FC in 2013. At this time, Nan Xiongtai was 34 years old. With his qualifications and salary (20 million yen in 2013, the third highest in the team), he seemed to be able to take the post without competition, but he still faced the competition from Gao Qiuyang as an equal young player. However, with experience and personal ability, Nan Xiongtai became the main goalkeeper of Yokohama FC. In the J2 League of the 2019 season, nanxiongtai, as the captain, played an excellent role. Yokohama FC only lost 40 goals in 42 games, and finally dashed to surpass. Nanxiongtai returned to J League as the winner again.

Yokohama FC has been a topic team since the start of this seasons J-League, but the focus of attention has been placed on the 53 year old Hiroshi Miura and the 42 year old Junfu Nakamura. Few people care about Nan Xiongtai. Before the start of this season, Yokohama FC from Shimizu inspired the loan of six anti Yongzhi, which Nanxiong too became a topic figure, even no chance to play. Although the injury of Liu Fan Yong Zhi restored Nan Xiongtais starting position, he was beset with misfortune. Its not enough to be beaten by Kawasakis forward. The Yokohama Derby was staged in the J League on July 22. This time, Nanxiong Tai was trapped by his teammates. First, the guard turned into an own goal, and then the defense team sleepwalking. Yokohama FC finally defeated Yokohama mariners with 4 goals.

Perhaps rather than let people forget his devils hand, Nan Xiongtai wants a group of reliable teammates.

In fact, Nanxiong was very famous before.

When Xiong Hao was in primary school, he had no opponent in primary school. In junior high school, Nan Xiongtai was selected into the junior team of Tokyo Yomiuri (todays Tokyo green) after being recommended by scouts, and was transformed into a goalkeeper because of her height advantage and quick response.

In 1994, Nanxiong Tai transferred to Shizuoka, a powerful football County in Japan, and entered the Shizuoka School Park. The strength of Shizuoka School Park is one of the best in Japans youth football field. Since its establishment in 1965, it has cultivated more than 100 professional football players and more than 20 Japanese international players. Naomi Miura is the same school senior of Nanxiong Tai. Less than a year after her transfer to Shizuoka University Park, Nan Xiongtai, a transfer student, pushed out many competitors and became the main goalkeeper of the Shizuoka school team. She joined the team in the 1995 Japanese university national competition.

On January 8, 1996, nanxiongtai and Shizuoka school team drew 2-2 in the 120 minute civil war with Kagoshima shixueyuan team in the final. At that time, there was no penalty shoot out system in the competition system of Japanese Colleges and universities. The two teams were tied for the championship. Nan Xiongtai won the first important honor in his personal career. It is worth mentioning that many later stars emerged in this national competition, such as Junfu Nakamura and Liu zedun, who together with Nanxiong Tai were selected into the best lineup of the competition.

In the summer of 1997, Nan Xiongtai was selected to participate in the 12th World Youth Championship held in Malaysia. Nanxiong Tai was the only player in the team at that time who did not sign a contract with any professional team. At this time, he was still a member of Shizuoka Academy. In the world youth championship, Japan was divided into a group with Spain, Paraguay and Costa Rica. Nanxiong Taiyuan was not the first goalkeeper, but the starting goalkeeper Xiaozhen Qingyun made a low-level mistake in the match with Spain, and directly gave up the starting position to Nanxiong Tai. Results Nan Xiongtai played well in the second game against Costa Rica, made several key saves, helped Japan win 6-2, and took the main position. In the end, Japans top eight team came to an end.

After graduating from the Shizuoka school, Nanxiong Tai joined Bai Taiyang. In the first season of joining Sun God, only 19-year-old Nan Xiongtai competed with the then main goalkeeper of Bo Taiyang God, Tu Feiyang Yi, and successfully pushed him into the bench after a season. After that, he did not want to sit on the bench and left in a negative mood in 2000. Its unusual for a 19-year-old goalkeeper to crowd out a seven-year-old goalkeeper in Japan, where seniority is valued. In 1999 and 2000, Bai sun Shen won the second place in the league. Nan Xiongtai also saved the penalty kicks from Takashi Suzuki and Masao Ogasawara in the final of the J League Cup in 1999 to help him win the League Cup championship for the first time.

Nanxiong Tai in 1999 harvest is not only these, in 1999 the 13th World Youth Championships, Nanxiong Tai again selected Japan U20. Most of the players who took part in the World Youth Championship later became the leading stars of their respective teams in the five major leagues. Such as Harvey, Casillas, Ronaldinho and so on. Japans team participated in the World Youth Championship Takahara, Junichiro inamoto, Shinji Ono and so on later also landed in Europe. Under trussiers leadership, Japan was eliminated from the group with the United States, England and Cameroon. However, what really made Nanxiong famous in the first World War was the eighth finals with Portugal.

Throughout the game, the Japanese team was suppressed by Portugal everywhere, led by Simao, Portugal launched a siege to Japans goal. However, Nanxiong Tai saved the long-range shot and single knife of Simao and Luis Felipe in the match, which dragged the game into the penalty kick battle, and saved a penalty kick from Portugal team in the penalty kick battle, helping the team to advance to the final.

After the game, Nan Xiongtai was praised by Japanese fans as the Savior at the end of the century, and the Japanese team went all the way to the final. Although they lost 4-0 to Spain in the final, the result is entirely due to strength, and Japan has made a historic breakthrough.

At that time, the Japanese football world to Nan Xiongtais appraisal is the judgment is accurate, the attack is decisive, does not muddle along, the physical quality is excellent. Nanxiong Tais performance after that also confirmed this evaluation, he had never played foul and yellow card in the first few seasons in J League. In 2001, Nan Xiongtai was awarded the J League individual fair competition award. But he is not satisfied with this, at this time his goal is only one, that is to join the Japanese team in the 2002 World Cup in Korea and Japan.

In the first half of 2001, Nanxiong Tai and Kajima Kajima started a fierce competition for the position of the third goalkeeper of the Japanese national team. Kawasaki and Kawasaki can hardly shake the world cup. The arrogant Nanxiong Tai seems determined to win the third goalkeepers position. Even in an interview before the season, he said: in every game, I take myself as the driving force to become the representative of Japan, and require myself according to the standard of Japanese representative.

However, this made perorman dissatisfied with his words. He not only asked Nan Xiongtai to stay focused when training in the team, but also responded to Nan Xiongtais remarks at the press conference: if you perform well in the club, you naturally have a great chance to enter the national team. But you dont have to do well on the basis that you want to be in the national team. I think those good players, even if they dont have the possibility to join the national team, will give their all to the national team

In the end, as perrieman said, Nanxiong Tai, who exerted too much pressure on himself, was out of order, and the team was in a state of decline. In the first stage of the J League in 2001, Bai sun Shen only ranked third from the bottom, and Nan Xiongtai was also defeated in the competition with Fang duanzhun. Later, according to Nanxiong Tais teammates recollection, that Japans World Cup squad did not have their own, Nan Xiongtai cried bitterly.

Nan Xiongtai is well-known in China, and he would like to thank you for the special column crazy football of world football.

In fact, leaving aside Nanxiong, the Japanese goalkeeper is famous for his love of the whole job. Otherwise, there would not be so much material for people to make the collection of Japanese goalkeepers mistakes. But compared with Nan Xiongtais devils hand, those are nothing. Nan Xiongtai is not only jokingly called south teacher and South God in China, but also invented the word Nandu by talented china.com. For example, calius made mistakes in sending gifts in the final of the Champions League. Some netizens commented: this ball is full of southerners. Its hard to think about it. Calius is the South God tonight.

Later, whenever there is a low-level mistake in the football match, Nan Xiongtai will be cued to, it is lying down also shot. In the domestic sports website, some people even registered the ID of door god nanxiongtai and some goalkeepers fault collection. However, the most common reply below is: Miss Nan, give up. Compared with your Nandu , these mistakes are far from Nandu . You are the God forever.

Fortunately, compared with the excessive consumption in China, Nan Xiongtais life in Japan is relatively stable. In March 2019, Japanese media once again asked about devils hand when interviewing Nanxiong Tai. After 15 years, Nan Xiongtai has been able to treat his initial low-level mistakes calmly. He said: at that time, I wanted to throw the ball and launch a quick counterattack, but I have not been able to find a good way out of the ball, because the players of Hiroshima Sanjian jogged and looked back, and our two guards were far away from each other, so it was easy to catch the mistake and fight back.

So as I walked, I thought about where to throw. The first time I was going to throw, the players of Hiroshima three arrows had already started to prepare for anti snatch, so I suddenly didnt want to throw the ball out, but the movement of my right hand had already been done. My left hand wanted to block it, so the ball hit my left hand and changed the line, and then it bounced into the goal. I still remember how embarrassing the scene was. The air seemed to freeze. I could hear people on the court asking what had just happened

At the end of that game, everyone, including nanxiongtai himself, knew that Nanxiong Tais international dream was over, and his bright future was covered with a thick shadow. Nanxiong Tai said: I understand after that game, why the former manager always said that I was not focused enough, especially after such things happened, I couldnt stay focused. I was thinking that I had lost the competition with other goalkeepers before the match with Hiroshima three arrows was over. For a long time since then, I have been afraid of competition and I am afraid that they will mention the goal

Since then, he has spent nearly 10 years to save himself and even save others. In the 8th round of the J2 League in 2017, Yokohama FC played at home against Machida zawiya. Nanxiong Tai was absent due to injury, and young goalkeeper Gao Qiuyang was replaced. At the end of the game, Gao qiuyangping let the ball into his own door when he received the back pass.

Gao Qiu Yangping was quite self reproached after the game and apologized constantly in the dressing room. But Nan Xiongtai gave the little brother nearly three hours of enlightenment. Gao Qiu Yangping recalled: at that time, he told me not to be afraid of making mistakes. No matter how legendary a goalkeeper will make mistakes, you should face up to your mistakes and stay focused in the subsequent games. At the same time, he asked me why I made such a mistake.

I didnt know where I was, how far behind the goal was. The goalkeeper should not look down at the ball when dealing with the return pass. He should pay attention to the opponents position. In short, he is not experienced enough and not focused enough. He has been training with me in the training of sense of position, so I can quickly get out of the blow of that mistake, its entirely up to him, and Im very grateful to him

When asked why he wanted to help Gao Qiu Yangping, Nan Xiongtai replied: he has a competition task in the next game, and his mentality must be restored immediately. He has a long way to go. Although he paid a high tuition fee for this competition, he also had valuable learning opportunities accordingly. As long as he is not injured, as long as his teammates and coaches have confidence in him, he should stay on the field. As long as the whole team guards their goalkeeper, the goalkeeper will guard their goal


In the game between Yokohama FC and Yokohama mariner on July 22, Nan Xiongtais goal was fouled four more times. Although as a goalkeeper, losing the ball will still be depressing, but realistically speaking, most of the responsibility is not with him. Yokohama FCs defense line is extremely poor this year, and many goals cant be solved by him as a 40 + old man. After all, he is not Buffon.

Todays nanxiongtai is like countless middle-aged people who bear heavy burdens silently. She was once high spirited and beaten by society. Once again and again, he would still stand up, pat the dust, smile once in a while and keep going.

After all, this is life.

Source: Houchang village sports team Author: Yokohama flying wing editor: Zhou Juntao_ NS4573