Worried about air travel and isolation policy

 Worried about air travel and isolation policy

Jaap announced his withdrawal from the Palermo open. Materials and pictures

Beijing News (reporter Sun haiguang) following the cancellation of ATPs first stop in Washington open, WTAs first stop in Palermo open is also very difficult. Top seed harlep announced this morning that he would withdraw from the Palermo open to be held next week for fear of international air travel.

At the beginning of March, ATP and WTA tournaments were suspended one after another. A month ago, ATP and WTA updated the calendar one after another. ATP restarted its first stop at the Washington open on August 13, though it was cancelled last week.

Unlike other games that restart with the tournament system, the tennis tour is a global sport in which professional players need to fly constantly. According to Italys epidemic prevention policy, all entry personnel from Romania and Bulgaria need to be isolated for 14 days, which directly leads to the fact that harlep cannot compete.

Olivero Parma, director of Palermo open, had previously written to the Italian health authorities, saying that the Palermo open was the first stop of the WTA tour restart, hoping to lift the quarantine restrictions on players coming to Italy to participate.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia has made great efforts in Italy, but Halep has decided to retire. In view of the recent increase in confirmed cases of new crown pneumonia in Romania, and my concern about international air travel, I made a tough decision to withdraw from Palermo open. I want to thank the director of competitions and the health Department of Italy for their efforts.

As the first leg of the seasons restart, olivero Palma said the Palermo open had developed adequate epidemic prevention measures. Players were required to undergo a nucleic acid test before arriving at the stadium, and then every four days thereafter.

Source: Cao Liqiao, editor in charge of Beijing News_ NS1806