Its almost August, and no one has made an offer yet. Kuytsu: its time for Mussina to chase him

 Its almost August, and no one has made an offer yet. Kuytsu: its time for Mussina to chase him

Barcelona accept a transfer or a loan when dealing with curtinho. In terms of transfer fees, Barcelona are asking 80 million euros. In addition to the loan fee, Barcelona also requires the suitor to bear the Brazilians after tax annual salary of 13 million euro. However, under the influence of the new championship epidemic, no team is willing to offer 80 million euro for kurobi, and no team is willing to bear his salary.

The daily sports daily pointed out on the cover today that with the end of the Premier League, the operation of kutinhos return to the Premier League will be officially launched. Of all the Premier League teams, curtinho would like to join Arsenal, Leicester City or Tottenham.

All three teams failed to qualify for next seasons Champions League. Both Arsenal and Leicester City are not money burners financially. Arsenals budget for the summer is only 30 million pounds, which is obviously not enough to buy cuckoo and the Gunners cannot afford the Brazilians salary.

Of the three teams, Tottenham are the most likely to bring in curtinho. Even if levy doesnt want to pay too much, Tottenham can offset part of the transfer fee with ndon belle. Ndong Belle has fallen out with Jose Antonio, and what spurs lack most is this B2B midfield.

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