What else can you do besides swimming?

 What else can you do besides swimming?

Looking at Chinas situation, African friends have returned to their hometown for summer vacation. The rest of the Chinese people lie in bed with brown sauce, with a mat, and steamed after getting out of bed; going out for barbecue, going to the swimming pool to be boiled, being fried on the way back, and returning to the pot at home.

If you hear someone talking, but you dont see anyone, Im sorry, its not a ghost, its just that person is heated

Heat cant fight against human beings!

In order to survive the heat, people try their best to get rid of the fate of steaming, baking and stewing and try to make themselves comfortable~

For students who dont have air conditioning in their dormitories, its a perfect way to save lives.

And other peoples dormitory, has never let people down... Such a spacious bathtub is quite enviable

I cant afford to go to the swimming pool or water park because of the small pocket money. I can enjoy a summer in my dorm and wash my feet while driving black.

Some students are more talented, in the dormitory self installed air conditioning to quench thirst, pretend to be very cool

Even the temperature of the air conditioner is set to a comfortable 24 degrees, not high or low, just good.

Even the remote control has not been let go, which can be said to be quite out of mind

And this perspective version of the air conditioning is so cool that no friends, at first glance think you are doing what math problem~

However, this is not enough. Since we want to install it, we have to install the whole set. Air conditioning, WiFi, refrigerator, one can not be less, so that the immersive experience of looking forward to quench thirst will be more in-depth.

The dormitory is equipped with air conditioning, so the classroom should keep up with the pace~

Drawing on the wire, as if connected to the power supply, fantasy cool Xi Xi blowing, brush away the hot tired feeling, learning is also more dynamic~

If you dont think its cool enough, add a small fan to yourself

what? The water is full of space? So underwater is also a good choice yo ~ wear oxygen mask to play

If you dont have a bathtub at home, the sink is also a good choice~

For example, wind the fan around your head with silk stockings

Practice the new toad skill with four pots of water

Working in the fridge, sleeping

As the saying goes, the baby sleep well, no trouble in the middle of the night

Its said that the reverberation in the refrigerator is good. Let me play a song~

Meow and Wang have come to grab the masters position

Fill the bin with water and ice

Sleeping with ice cubes is extreme, but also effective

Bucket: you fat man, youre breaking me!

OK, OK, we know that you are a local tyrant. You can only accept the natural wind surrounded by fans when the air conditioner is not turned on.

Dare to ask the boss, how much is the one-piece watermelon pants? One!

Take a look at our neighbor Japan, which has played a very Island characteristics of brain hole cooling way.

A taxi company in Yokohama City has launched a service called taxi Tour to let participants feel chilly in extreme fear, so as to achieve the effect of cooling off the heat

The service is about 90 minutes per trip and will stop at five magical places. Tourists from all over the world can apply on the companys website, and the cost is about 6000 yen (about 307 yuan).

If you try the above methods, still feel useless, finally this part will teach you a move, the effect is immediate, personal test effective!

Think of the people you like, the heart is cold!

Think about your savings, heart pull cool pull cool drop!

Learn cold knowledge, in the fat small class!