Another man enters the bedroom after a woman is drunk and raped by a man

 Another man enters the bedroom after a woman is drunk and raped by a man

A lovelorn girl drowns her sorrow with wine

If I knew that would happen, I wouldnt dare to drink alone in a bar no matter how sad. Recalling that unbearable night, Xiaoxue is still in deep fear and regret.

Three men see Xiaoxue drunk, then put forward to send it home. Snow in the confused time, the three men back to their home. At this time, they showed their ferocious face to the snow. Xiaoxue said that when she entered her room, one of the men, Li, followed her into the room and forcibly removed her clothes and handed her up and down. Angry snow struggling, but the weak snow, finally failed to keep her innocence. What makes Xiaoxue feel more frightened is that after Li put on his clothes, another man, Liu, also enters the bedroom and pours on the bed. Small snow see the general situation is not good, quick witted, lied that he had just called the police.


The defendant insisted that the girl was voluntary

The peoples Procuratorate of Pudong New Area accused Li and Liu of having sex with women by other means. Their behavior has violated the criminal law of the peoples Republic of China, and they should be investigated for criminal responsibility for rape.

In this regard, Li said that Xiaoxue was intimate with her behavior that night, and her sexual relationship with the victim did not violate the wishes of the victim and did not constitute rape. Li insisted that Xiaoxue had drunk many times on the night of the crime, had a certain amount of alcohol, and the two did not know each other before. He found Xiaoxues residence after Xiaoxues guidance, proving that Xiaoxue was conscious at the time of the crime.

The two also had some intimate behavior that night, and Xiaoxue did not call for help, which confirmed that the two sides had sex voluntarily and did not violate the wishes of Xiaoxue. In addition, they left the scene of the crime 12 minutes later, Xiaoxue called the police, which can also confirm that Xiaoxue was not raped.

Liu, on the other hand, pleaded that she was only lying on the bed after entering Xiaoxues room due to drunkenness, and did not infringe on Xiaoxue and did not rape her subjective intention.

However, after obtaining the evidence list, CD-ROM and relevant video data, the Court confirmed that Xiao Xue and Li and other three people took a taxi to return to their residential area on the night of the case. Snow in the taxi speech is not clear and has been unable to sit up, after being helped out of the car.


The court found that both men constituted rape

After hearing, the court held that the acts of Li and Liu have constituted the crime of rape.

The victim Xiaoxues statement and relevant test reports can confirm that she had drunk heavily that night. Relevant surveillance video also objectively shows that Xiaoxue has shown obvious drunkenness when taking a taxi. Later, when he entered the community, he was unable to walk independently and fell to the ground. He was carried into the unit building where he lived. He was obviously in a serious drunken state.

The confession of the defendant Liu and the testimony of the witness can also prove that Xiaoxue was drunk at that time, and the relevant inspection report on the alcohol content in her blood was confirmed. The fact that Xiaoxue was in a serious state of drunkenness at the time of the incident is sufficient to confirm. Xiaoxue and Li, Liu do not know each other, after the incident, the first time to call the police, can also reflect that Xiaoxue is not willing to have sexual relations with the two defendants.

The confession of the defendant Li and the statement of the victim Xiaoxue can prove that the defendant Liu once entered Xiaoxues bedroom and wanted to have sex with her. The defendant, Liu Mou, has also confessed to her subjective intention to have sex with her in Xiaoxues bedroom.

Therefore, the defendants Li and Liu entered the victims bedroom under the weak state of being seriously drunk, and violated her will to have sexual relations with her. The defendant Li was accomplished and the defendant Liu was attempted. Both of them should be convicted and punished for the crime of rape.

As for whether the acts of the two persons constitute a joint crime, the judge held that although Liu should be aware of the sexual relationship between Li and Xiaoxue after being drunk, whether the two defendants constitute gang rape or not depends on whether they have common subjective intention.

Because the case is a crime of temporary intent, the existing evidence is not enough to prove that Li and Liu had the intention of gang rape together, and they did not have any premeditation before committing adultery. There is also no sufficient evidence to prove that the two formed the intention contact of the victims of joint gang rape in the process of rape. To sum up, the acts of the defendants Li and Liu do not constitute gang rape.

Finally, the court found that Li and Liu violated the will of women and used other means to force sexual relations with women, and their behavior has constituted the crime of rape. The defendant, Liu Mou, has already committed a crime and failed to succeed due to the victims reporting to the police and his own drunkenness, which is an attempt to commit a crime and shall be given a mitigated punishment according to law. After the case, the family members of the two defendants compensated the victims on behalf of the victims and reached an understanding. They were given a lighter punishment as appropriate. The court sentenced Li and Liu to three years and six months imprisonment and one year and six months imprisonment respectively for rape.

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After drinking, the man was encouraged by his friends and the woman was raped while washing the mat by the river

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After drinking, the man was encouraged by her friends to wash a mat by the river and was raped

On July 8, a man in Weinan City, Shaanxi Province, raped a woman she ran into because of his friends drunken encouragement.

At about 2 p.m. that day, three men from Heyang County, Nie, Zhang and Liu, came to a river channel in Zhaozhuang Town, Chengcheng County, to catch fish. During the tour, Liu fell asleep because of being unable to drink. Zhang found Li, a woman washing a mat beside the river, and then challenged Nie and encouraged him to rape the woman.

Therefore, Nie followed Zhangs advice, resorted to violence against the victim Li and forced a relationship with him. After that, Nie, Zhang and Liu fled the scene by motorcycle.

Zhang Botao, a police officer at Zhaozhuang police station of Chengcheng County Public Security Bureau, said: after receiving the alarm, our police immediately arrived at the scene. After understanding the situation from the victim, the victim described the face features and escape route of the suspect. After the efforts of the police, the suspect Nie was arrested at home within three hours.

After interrogation, the suspect Nie confessed to the fact of his crime. At present, Nie and Zhang are detained on suspicion of rape, and the case is still under further trial.

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