Nearly 30percent of men said that the progress of gender equality came at the expense of men

 Nearly 30percent of men said that the progress of gender equality came at the expense of men

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Why dont men want to wear masks?

Men are more reluctant to wear personal protective equipment, including masks, than women, the study found. This phenomenon has occurred in previous pandemics. Recently, the BBC has examined the reasons why men are reluctant to wear masks

If the main problem with mens unwillingness to wear masks is overconfidence, let the data speak with the facts, greift said. She also said that if we admit that men may be more selfish on the whole, its more important to emphasize that wearing masks can protect yourself, not others. (source: BBC Chinese)

Red tea: men who dont wear masks or push down masks to smoke can be seen everywhere on the road. However, in the video of wearing masks in the beginning of the epidemic, the reporter repeatedly chased women to ask whether they would not wear masks because of the influence on their makeup.

Frost: there are also men who think men can drive, and women who drive are road killers. However, data from auto insurance companies show that male owners have more coverage than female owners.

Orange umbrella microblog: the BBC article also mentioned: Traditionally, car insurers charge women lower car insurance premiums than men, because most of the worlds traffic accidents are caused by men. (of course, there are more male drivers than female drivers.)


How to judge a partner after marriage

Will there be domestic violence?

Henan a man repeatedly domestic violence wife, the woman jumped to survive, double lower limb paraplegia. According to the @ whirlpool video, Ms. Liu said that she and her husband Dou were high school classmates, and her husband was very considerate to her before marriage, there is no sign of hurting me at all..

Many tragedies can be avoided if the partners violence tendency can be detected in advance. So, how to judge whether the partner will have domestic violence after marriage? The following methods may help us to identify: conceptually, if a person agrees with rigid gender stereotypes (men are in charge of the outside world, women are in charge of internal affairs, women should do housework, etc.), and they have zero sum game thinking, and regard violence as the highest means to solve problems. For conflict, spear shield and dissatisfaction, they think that there is only a win-win situation, and there is no possibility of win-win or multi-win In order to use force and force as the best means, it is necessary to pay an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth in some cases where rights and interests are damaged. Then, under certain conditions, such people are likely to commit domestic violence. Attitude: if a person has a strong sense of control, always dominates the other partys life in the name of obvious / hard, or soft / in the name of love, and likes to make decisions for both sides affairs unilaterally, it will easily develop into various mental violence, and produce physical violence, sexual coercion or economic control. Behavior and language: if a person encounters problems, pressure, dissatisfaction and other situations, he / she will be angry with others and blame others too much. In case of difficulties, there may also be domestic violence. In addition, you can also check yourself against the list of domestic violence risk signs. This list may help us see the signs of danger, or the danger itself. If you hit a few items, you may need to talk to the other person to avoid further injury. I hope all women can live in a world without domestic violence.

Orange umbrella microblog: our cultural environment regards this kind of behavior as affectionate. The victim obviously doesnt understand the negative implications behind this behavior. Dont be too hard on her.

-Xuan: This is very obvious control. I hope you can distinguish what is care and what is control. Sometimes control disguises as caring, which makes people think it is love. What he is nervous about is not her anger, but the loss of control over her.

Li said: if we need sexual relationship, we should first ensure safety. The devil is not formed in a day. Every trace should be alerted.

Actor: if he doesnt respect you, treat you as an accessory, run quickly.


Afghan women jailed for killing their husbands

Thanks to the coronavirus,

I got a second chance to survive.

In Afghanistan, there are as many as 20 women jailed for murdering their husbands in the prison of foroozan. Many of them are in the relationship of being abused for a long time, until their instinct to survive or protect their children drives them to kill the abuser.

Some say they feel safer and more free in prison than at home.

Frozan was also jailed for murdering her husband. In 10th grade, her family married her to a man 25 years older than her and had a son and two daughters. Men tend to be violent, and she has endured physical and verbal abuse for 15 years. One morning, he targeted the attack on his daughter. Fuzin grabbed a shovel and swung at her husband until he died. When she turned herself in, her 12-year-old son, marksoud, said he was an accomplice. Foruzan was sentenced to 10 years in prison for murder. Maxsoud was sent to a juvenile rehabilitation center. Two daughters, mozda, 9, and mahtag, 7, were taken to a safe house.

After the outbreak, the president ordered the release of thousands of prisoners to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus. Furuzan was one of those who met the conditions. She borrowed more than $1000 from her relatives, bought out the rest of her sentence, and was released on May 11 to start a new life with her daughter. Thanks to the coronavirus, I got a second chance to survive.

But in male dominated Afghanistan, the cruel reality of being a woman still dominates their lives. The epidemic has hit the countrys economy, leaving millions of people unemployed. Frozan couldnt find a job and had no savings. Three years ago, when she was released, she paid the last of her savings to a smuggler and asked him to take her son out of Afghanistan. Marksoud is now in Germany. In January, authorities rejected his asylum application and could be repatriated when he turns 18 this year. After he got out of prison, Frozan felt disconnected and even scared, I think everyone is staring at me. They whispered, pointing at me as if they knew I was a prisoner. Of course, all this is my illusion.

Frozan now lives in his mothers house. In moments of joy, between laughter with his daughter, Frozan is often dizzy and immersed in his own thoughts - a dark world full of uncertainty. Her husbands family has repeatedly threatened to kill her and her children in revenge for his death. Once again, Frozan alone protects her children from viruses, ruthless in laws, Fierce wars, patriarchal societies that do not welcome her or her daughters. (source: the New York Times)

Village: Alas... Is there any institution to help them?


Nearly 30 percent of men said,

Progress in gender equality comes at the expense of men

According to a report released by the Pew Research Center, nearly 30% of men (28%) said that womens fight for equal rights at the expense of them. And different parties have different views on this issue. 38% of Republican men and one quarter of Republican women agree with this view, while only 19% of men and 12% of women in the Democratic Party think so. The report surveyed more than 3000 Americans from March 18 to April 1, 2020, and found that - 57% of Americans believe that the United States has not done enough to give women equal rights. -When asked about the main obstacles to womens full equality at present: 77% said it was sexual harassment; 67% said women did not have the same legal rights as men; 66% said that society had different expectations for men and women; 64% said that there were not enough women to hold important positions. -When asked what a gender equal society would look like: 45% of the respondents said that men and women would enjoy equal pay; 19% said there would be no discrimination in terms of employment, promotion or educational opportunities for women. In addition, the report found that while 78% of Americans supported, at least to some extent, the inclusion of the equal rights amendment in the US Constitution, only 44% believed it would actually have an impact on the promotion of womens rights. (source: CNBC)

She is_ No advantage is a loss

G * * I: I remember that the teacher discussed the issue of equal rights in class and asked about your views on the issue of equal rights between men and women. A boy blurted out that the status of women in China was very high. All the girls in the class turned to see him.

Cold: 57% are not American men, but Americans. At least 50% of them are women.

Jun * * Zhi: those who take advantage of the most advantage come out and say sacrifice, just let you spit out the more.

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