US military equips nuclear submarine crew with laser guns to deal with air targets

 US military equips nuclear submarine crew with laser guns to deal with air targets

The report said that nuclear submarines are very vulnerable to attack when floating on busy waterways, so it is essential to provide protection measures for them. These threats include suicide ships filled with explosives and small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). It is necessary to have a weapon to attack them quickly within seconds after they are found to be threatening them. This is the laser dazzle gun the crew is equipped with.

US Navy submarine crew carry laser dazzling gun on duty on submarine hull

This laser dazzling gun can emit laser beams with high precision and can intercept targets at a long distance. The principle of the weapon is to temporarily blind or interfere with the attacker, which will buy valuable time in deciding whether to use a more lethal weapon to attack it.

The weapon exposed in the picture is a la-9 / P laser glarer developed by B.E. Meyers. According to its manufacturer, the weapon has an effective range of 4 km at night and 1.5 km during the day for warning, and 500 m for offensive interception. The feature of this weapon is that it can adjust the effective distance of the laser output to the target with its own laser rangefinder.

La-9 / P laser blinder

According to the report, todays suicidal attacks on unmanned ships and drones are one of the biggest potential threats to ships, and laser blinders will add a layer of protection to ships. The U.S. Navy has deployed these laser protection systems on many ships, including aircraft carriers, as well as more powerful solid-state laser launchers on some warships. The laser weapon, named Odin, has been deployed on a US Navy destroyer, and seven more warships will be equipped with the weapon in the next three years.

For submarines, a recent report said that U.S. Navy submarines may install some type of laser mast in the future. However, there are some views that the practicability of this kind of laser mast has been exaggerated. They can only be used against small unmanned ships and UAVs. If necessary, they may be directly installed with laser weapon systems similar to Odin.

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