Huang Zhifeng posted satire after being questioned by Hong Kongs Returning Officer seven questions

 Huang Zhifeng posted satire after being questioned by Hong Kongs Returning Officer seven questions

Huang Zhifeng (Hong Kong media)

July 27 - the general election of the Legislative Council of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region will be held in September. The nomination period has started on July 18 and ended on July 31. The Returning Officer of Kowloon East, Mr. Cai Minjun, sent a letter to Huang Zhifeng, who had submitted his nomination. The letter contained seven questions and 10 attachments, asking Huang to respond to his past words and deeds and reply by 11:00 on the 27th. Huang Zhifeng received the letter the same day, and made a small move.

According to the Hong Kong news network, the returning officer pointed out seven questions in his letter and asked Huang Zhifeng to explain his words and deeds

First, Huang Zhifeng served as the Secretary General of the Hong Kong aspirations of the Hong Kong Independence organization for a long time. Does he still intend to continue to promote the idea of public will, including democratic self-determination, that is, the future process of self-determination with Hong Kong Independence as one of the options?

Second, if Huang Zhifeng still intends to continue to promote the idea of democratic self-determination, how can such behavior meet the substantive requirements of his declaration in the nomination form that he upholds the basic law and guarantees loyalty to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region?

Third question: the returning officer said that he had noticed Huang Zhifengs words and deeds, and asked whether Huang Zhifeng still intended to continue to ask the United States for sanctions against the Hong Kong SAR? Do you intend to ask foreign governments to promote similar laws?

Fourth, the purpose of Huang Zhifengs participation in the election of the Legislative Council includes taking advantage of the identity, authority and convenience of members of the Legislative Council to continue to push him to exert pressure on the central government or the SAR with the help of foreign forces?

Fifthly, in view of Huang Zhifengs words and deeds about requesting foreign countries to impose sanctions on officials of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, how does such behavior meet the substantive requirements of making a declaration in the nomination form that upholds the basic law and guarantees allegiance to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region?

Sixth question: Huang Zhifeng claimed earlier that he resolutely opposes the national security law and asks him to answer whether he opposes the Hong Kong National Security Law and the performance of the constitutional responsibility of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region to safeguard national security?

Question 7: asked Huang Zhifeng to respond, will he, together with some members, veto all bills, motions and budget proposals submitted by the SAR government to the Legislative Council?

After receiving a reply, the Returning Officer will judge whether the candidates election nomination is valid. The legal profession has said that if the candidates do not act in accordance with their sincere support for the basic law and their loyalty to the SAR, their nominations should be ruled invalid.

Huang Zhifeng posted these seven problems on his personal social media on the 26th, but made a lot of small moves. He put a picture of the returning officer in the post and exclaimed, I dont know how much political pressure Ms. CAI (the Returning Officer) is under, and whether she needs to stay in a safe house for working overtime on weekends.. Some Hong Kong netizens questioned that Huang Zhifeng was inciting hands and feet against the returning officer. Some netizens posted pictures to satirize Huang Zhifengs ugly behavior of using the opportunity to make trouble at the candidate briefing meeting before he was ruled invalid in the district election nomination last year.

Hong Kong netizens satirize Huang Zhifeng with pictures

According to Hong Kong media reports, Huang Zhifeng submitted a form on the 20th to run for the Legislative Councils Kowloon East constituency, but he refused to sign a confirmation in support of the basic law. The election commission of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) requires the nominees to sign a confirmation in the nomination form declaring their support for the basic law and guaranteeing their loyalty to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, otherwise their nominations will be invalid. The Ta Kung Pao issued an article on the 18th, pointing out that when the opposition participates in the Legislative Council election, it must sign a confirmation letter. If the candidates openly shout the slogan of Guangshi and advocate Hong Kong Independence and self-determination, it is obviously in violation of the national security law. During the nomination period for the Legislative Council election, if any opposition candidate is ruled invalid by the Returning Officer, he / she should be responsible for his / her own fault, and no one else is to blame.

HSBC calls Huang Zhifeng about the origin of the 5-digit remittance. The latter: This is a political blow

Huang Zhifeng, who is good at bumping porcelain everywhere, is also eyeing HSBC. He announced on social media on the 22nd that HSBC inquired about the origin of a remittance. He made full use of the problem, claiming that this was a political crackdown on him by banks under the Hong Kong national security law. In this regard, Liang Zhenying, vice chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese peoples Political Consultative Conference and former chief executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, satirizes that Huang Zhifeng is selling fear again. He does everything in order to discredit Hong Kong.

Huang Zhifeng posted an article touching China on the social media on the 22nd, claiming that the bank called him last week to inquire about the origin of a five digit remittance. He borrowed the subject with great fanfare, claiming that this was political repression and white terror derived from Hong Kongs national security law.

Liang Zhenying said, my family companys account opened in another bank has received similar telephone inquiries from the bank, which also inquired about some five digit transactions. Moreover, when my family opens a new account, there are more procedures. This is what the world bank requires of political exposed persons (PEP) anywhere in the world. If Huang Zhifeng really thinks that this practice of HSBC is aimed at his white terror, and asks him to go to the US funded bank to try to open an account immediately, I believe that the examination of US funded banks will certainly not be more relaxed than that of HSBC.

Some netizens also left a message to ridicule, Huang Zhifeng, what are you feeling guilty about? If you do something wrong, you must be afraid of ghosts knocking on the door.. As a matter of fact, Huang Zhifeng and his former Hong Kong Independence organization Hong Kong consensus are now involved in the suspicion of illegal fund-raising. A group reported to the Hong Kong Police on 22 that Zhongzhi had illegally raised money on the Internet and was suspected of fraud before its dissolution, which should be severely punished.

Hong Kong media previously disclosed that most of the money in the Hong Kong Zhongzhi account had been withdrawn on June 29. On the morning of June 30, Huang zhouluo and his three people successively withdrew from Hong Kong Zhongzhi. Huang ziyue and others held a meeting to re elect a new leadership. Unexpectedly, they found that more than 20 million Hong Kong dollars in the account of Hong Kong peoples aspirations had been taken away by Huang zhouluo. Finally, due to financial difficulties, Hong Kong Zhongzhi was dissolved on June 30. For a long time, Huang Zhifeng and Zhou Ting opened a private account to accept donations and directly controlled the funds of Hong Kong Zhongzhi.

According to the report, sources have disclosed Accounts showing that Huang Zhifeng and Zhou Ting have HK $16.21 million and HK $3.95 million respectively. Before the dissolution of the Hong Kong consensus, Huang Zhou and Huang Zhou talked in private, seemingly talking about the issue of money. Later, Luo Guancong also appeared.

In response to the public will act, the public organizations patriotic Hong Kong 101 and DQ action team went to Wanchai police headquarters on the afternoon of 22nd to ask the police to make an in-depth investigation to find out the whereabouts of the relevant funds and whether there is any fraud. Some people have said that the crowdfunding launched by Hong Kong peoples aspiration is a claim to continue resistance for the continuation of the international front, and may also be suspected of violating Hong Kongs national security law. The public urged the National Security Department of the police force to investigate thoroughly and bring offenders to justice.

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