US media: US military finds more and more Russian weapons and equipment in Libya

 US media: US military finds more and more Russian weapons and equipment in Libya

According to the report, the newly exposed pictures show that the Wagner mercenary group in Syria has acquired military transport aircraft, air defense weapons, multi-purpose trucks and lightning protection anti ambush vehicles and other weapons and equipment. According to a new news release, although Russia has repeatedly denied involvement in the fighting in Libya, U.S. officials believe the images are evidence.

According to the report, the photo released on July 24 shows the Wagner mercenary troops and their equipment on the front line of the conflict in Libya, where both sides of the civil war have exchanged fire in the past few weeks.

In May this year, the U.S. Africa Command reported that at least 14 MiG-29 and SU-24 fighters flew from Russia to Syria and repainted their Russian military aircraft before continuing to Libya.

According to a report by the Russian satellite news agency in mid July, Dmitry Peskov, the Russian Presidents press secretary, said that the Russian military did not participate in the operation in Libya, and the Kremlin did not know about the Russian participation in organized groups in the country.

We dont have that information, Peskov said. Russian forces have never been involved in Libya and will not be involved in any process. We dont know about any organized Russian citizens who might be involved there.

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