The European Union announced its boycott of the US sanctions against Iran, saying it continued to import oil from Iraq.

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 The European Union announced its boycott of the US sanctions against Iran, saying it continued to import oil from Iraq.

At the same time, Iranian media reported a large-scale naval drill being conducted by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard in the Strait of Hormuz, the main international crude oil transport route, 6 days. A spokesman for the Revolutionary Guard said the purpose of the exercise was to control and safeguard the security of the Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz, while responding to the enemys threats and potential risks. Countries all over the world are concerned about the negative impact of the US Iraq confrontation on the Middle East and the world economy.

The United States has recently sent high-ranking officials around the world to try to persuade countries to support sanctions against Iran and cut Iranian oil imports, but most have been rejected. On the 3 day of a regular press conference, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang told a regular press conference that China and Iran kept normal contacts and cooperation without violating their respective international obligations. This is reasonable and legitimate. He said that China has always opposed unilateral sanctions and long arm jurisdiction, and this position is firm and clear. The legitimate rights and interests of the Chinese side should be maintained.

Japans NHK television reported on the 5th that Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Kono held talks with Iranian Foreign Minister Zariff while attending a series of ASEAN foreign ministersmeetings in Singapore. Kawano praised Irans role in maintaining stability in the Middle East. For the United States to require all countries to completely stop importing oil from Iran in November, Kawano stressed that Japan will negotiate with the United States, and Japan will continue to import oil from Iran in the future.

The war between Brussels and Washington will start again, German news and television said on 6 days. Despite the temporary extinction of trade wars in Europe and the United States, the US sanctions against Iran have led to a confrontation between the United States and the United States. Mo Guerrini strongly said that although the United States refused to exempt EU companies from its exemptions, the European Union is determined to stick it out. The report said that 5 new European commercial aircraft purchased by Iran were delivered on Sunday before the US resumption of sanctions against Iraq.