LPL summer game Ig sweeps tes JDG to top

 LPL summer game Ig sweeps tes JDG to top

The Ig team has been in good shape since assisting Wang Liuyi (ID: Baolan) to return to the starting line, and has won five consecutive victories before the game. After losing to V5 last week, the TES team broke the gold body, but they still led the table with the advantage of net score before the game.

You come and go in the first game, and the situation is stuck. In 22 minutes, Ig played 0 for 5 in the group war near the tulongkeng, which broke the balance of the game and took advantage of the situation to go to the next city first. In the second set, TES seized the opportunity to destroy the opponents and win the big dragon, which almost reversed the situation. However, they made mistakes in attacking the Highlands, and Ig seized the opportunity to kill four men and unexpectedly ended the game directly.

After the game, Wang Liuyi said that adequate preparation before the game is the key to winning the team, and winning the game is also crucial for the team to strive for a better ranking.

Earlier in the day, jdg2-0 swept BLG to win ten consecutive victories. As tes lost to Ig, JDG ranked first in the table with 11-2.

With the last two weeks left in the summer regular season, the top three players JDG, Ig and TEs have already locked in the playoffs, and then Sn, V5, we and LGD have also basically got tickets. As the top two of the league can go directly to the playoffs semi-finals, the next ranking battle is also crucial.

In addition, FPX, VG and RNG are strong contenders for the last ticket. DMO and LNG, the bottom two in the league, have been ruled out of the playoffs.

Source: responsible editor of Xinhua News Agency: Cao Liqiao_ NS1806