Liaoning media: Guangdong helps Liaoning basketball team win the third place in the last moment of overtaking on the curve

 Liaoning media: Guangdong helps Liaoning basketball team win the third place in the last moment of overtaking on the curve

Back to November 22, 2019, Liaoning mens basketball team won 109:91 Beijing team. At that time, Liaoning mens basketball team would not have thought that winning 18 chapters played a decisive role in the regular season ranking.

On July 26, Beijing team lost to Guangdong team by 82:101, Liaoning mens basketball teams record was equal to Beijing team, with a net win of 9 points, finally ranked third in the regular season.

In the last round, the Liaoning basketball team, which took the lead in the last round, easily defeated Sichuan team, ensuring that it would not fall into the playoffs. The suspense only lies in whether the final place is third or fourth. On the surface, there is no essential difference between the third place and the fourth place. They are also vacant in the first round of the playoffs and directly enter the last eight. The opponent in the quarter finals is likely to be one of the Zhejiang Shuangxiong. Whether it is Zhejiang Guangxia team or Zhejiang Chouzhou team, it is a tough bone for the Liaoning basketball team. But in fact, the third place is better than the fourth place, because the third place can enter the second half area, and will not meet the powerful Guangdong team before the finals. If we can successfully pass the quarter final test, the semi-final is likely to face Xinjiang team. Although Xinjiang teams interior strength is superior to CBA, it is more likely to win than Guangdong team.

If we consider the regular season grouping of next season, we should strive for the third place, because according to the snake grouping, the fourth place in the regular season will have a great probability of meeting Guangdong team four times in the regular season next season. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand why in the last round, Beijing team risked the risk of injury to its main players, but also fought with Guangdong team to keep the third place. However, the strength of the gap, so that they only resist half court.

With the help of Guangdong team, the Liaoning basketball team finished the counter attack at the last moment of the regular season, surpassing Beijing team to the third place in the scoreboard. As there are five matches in the 46th round arranged on the 27th, only Xinjiang team, Liaoning mens basketball team and Beijing control team are confirmed to enter the second half of the district. Who will become the potential quarter finals opponent of Liaoning basketball team? The suspense wont be solved until tonight.