Face changing in Sichuan Opera? Linguist Du Feng used to have these skills

 Face changing in Sichuan Opera? Linguist Du Feng used to have these skills

Guangdong team continued strong performance, let many games early lost suspense. And the audiences attention is shifted from the game itself to other places. Among them, the linguistics of Du Feng, the head coach of Guangdong team and also the coach of Chinese mens basketball team, has become the key research object of fans.

Speaking of Du Feng, it can be said that he is the flow responsibility in the league. Since the first official documentary dare to dream and dare to be launched last year in CBA League, he has attracted much attention because of his profound linguistic skills. Of course, there is the new practice of Sichuan opera face change.

In recent years, the Guangdong team has been in a special period of alternation between the old and the new. Among the domestic players in the team, only Su Wei, Yi Jianlian, Zhou Peng and Ren Junfei can be regarded as veterans. Even Zhao Rui, 24, is the predecessor of most players. Young players have a lot of drive, but naturally they need to knock more.

Last season, Du Feng beat the sentence ah RI, can you be a little harder, which has become a well-known Terrier for all CBA fans. Note that the word hard should not be read as Ying, but as Yin ~, which is the essence.

Dus various kinds of verbal touch let Zeng fanri speak frankly of his scalp numbness. To be fair, we cant blame ah RI for being timid. We cant blame him for his cowardice.

Hu Mingxuan, who is deeply loved by female fans, is also the key care object of Du Feng. At that time, in order to help him quit playing games, he not only made painstaking efforts, but also found his parents. Mr. Du, its you who call the roll in class and ask Hu Mingxuans parents after class?

But Du Fengs request is not only that, Pepper boy made a mistake in the field, the next encounter Du guidance threat: I eat your heart. Du instructs you to listen to my advice, only eat pepper, he does not taste good, mouth easily numb with a RIs scalp.

After this battle, Du Fengs Gourmet identity was completely exposed. Thinking about it very much, later to the national team, Du guidance is not carefree? Im tired of Cantonese food. I can have a taste of Guo Allen, a northeastern flavor, and Wang Zhelin, with southern Fujian characteristics.

Of course, Du also boasted about Hu Mingxuan when he died. Two days ago, he applauded and boasted: Hu Mingxuan, you are super high level.. The scene was once very warm Er, it seemed that Xiao Hu made a mistake in the baseline shot

Ah, this? No wonder fans have said, Du guidance, old Yin and Yang division!

Liu quanbiao got a lot of opportunities to practice after the second round, but sometimes it is unreasonable to deal with the ball, which is easy to act recklessly. Du directed a sentence one dozen five, you, youth team bully, directly let a Biao more youth team bully nickname.

This ability to create hot words on the Internet, all the new media editors envy to cry, right?

However, new media dissemination is efficient and fast, but also has the problem of information fragmentation. When people like to talk about being scolded F4, they may ignore the encouragement and affirmation they get from Du Feng.

Ten days ago, Guangdong beat Guangxia 104-97 for 26 consecutive wins, equating their own CBA regular season winning streak (which has continued to expand).

After the game, some fans put together a picture of Li Chunjiang, the head coach of Guangxia, and a photo of Du Feng, saying why Du Feng is so old. Indeed, from the photos, we can not see that Du Feng is nearly 20 years younger than his former coach.

Since taking over the Guangdong team in 2018, it took six years to lead the team to win the championship again. It is hard to imagine that linguistics is not so easy to practice.

In the future, Du Feng will also worry about the Chinese mens basketball team. Maybe we should give a compliment to Dus guidance: you are super high level! (this sentence is serious!!!! uff09(end)