Hu Xijin: the US consulate dismissed the Chinese employees, but the insufficient compensation caused dissatisfaction

 Hu Xijin: the US consulate dismissed the Chinese employees, but the insufficient compensation caused dissatisfaction

The Sino US diplomatic consulates were instigated by the United States. In fact, the deterioration of Sino US relations will cause some people on both sides to lose their jobs, which is very regrettable. The U.S. Consulate General in Chengdu is an agency of the U.S. government. It should treat local employees with kindness when dismissing them, showing the U.S. governments humanistic care and compliance with the labor laws of the countries where their foreign agencies are stationed. At the same time, it should also abide by the previous commitments to those employees. Although the employees are Chinese, they have served for a long time in the diplomatic agencies of the United States and have made contributions to the US side. Now that they suddenly lose their jobs, they have the right to compensation. After all, the employer is a wealthy American government, not an insolvent bankrupt.

The U.S. Consulate General in Chengdu is leaving now. Dont leave with the reputation of being in arrears with local employees compensation. Leave a good impression on the local area.

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Hu Xijin: the return of reciprocal counter-measures may fall into the preset battlefield of American Hawks

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The Chinese Consulate General in Houston caught fire at about 8 pm on the 21st (source: video synthesis)

It is obviously an unprecedented challenge for China to carry out strategic exchanges with the United States since the reform and opening up. If we do not counter the US provocation, it may push us forward, which will lead to the collapse of Chinas strategic defense line; if we return to the reciprocal counter-measures, we may fall into the preset battlefield of American hawks and accelerate the decoupling between China and the United States advocated by Washington. Weighing the pros and cons is easy to say, but practical operation may be heavy.

We can imagine how professional this is and how many aspects of the situation need to be coordinated in order to take a stable route as far as possible. At this time, I think it is also a challenge at the social level to maintain active thinking and unity in the policy towards the United States. Lao Hu supported the discussion of us relations at the academic and public opinion levels, but the ultimate value of this discussion should be to support the states anti-U.S. crackdown on China and join the struggle in a unique way among the people.

No matter what measures are taken, there may be advantages and disadvantages. Objectively speaking, the government has the most information and the widest vision. When facing a specific problem, the governments professional diplomatic team has the highest ability to make the choice with the least cost and the greatest positive effect. When we express our opinions, we should have the awareness that we may have some limitations, so as to avoid overconfidence and even inflation as individuals or as a force. I often see some people posting on the Internet or reporting somewhere. They look indignant and indignant. It seems that they have the most profound understanding of the United States and cherish the interests of the Chinese people. In their eyes, the national professional diplomatic team is either a group of rice bowls or a seller of national interests. Patriots with different views are also regarded as patriotic thieves.

Please dont do this, will you? We may not all be beautiful, even if not, it is worth doing something for the social unity at this time.

The closure of the Consulate General is not the worst case, and trump will continue to play havoc with China

The United States has asked China to close its Consulate General in Houston and to withdraw within 72 hours.

We have ordered the closure of the Consulate General of the peoples Republic of China in Houston to protect the intellectual property rights of the United States and the privacy information of the American people. This is a statement issued by the US State Department on the 22nd.

Pompeio responded to the closure of the Chinese Consulate General in Denmark

U.S. Secretary of state pompeio responded to this issue by saying a lot about the protection of intellectual property rights, private information, national security and employment, but did not directly answer the specific reasons for closing down the Consulate General of Houston.

What is evasive? This is it.

A fire truck stopped outside the Chinese Consulate General in Houston on the 22nd. (source: Associated Press)

The Consulate General in Houston caught fire. Local media in Houston, that is, American media, said that staff of the Chinese consulate were burning documents inside the consulate.

They not only demanded the closure of the Consulate General in Houston, but also slandered and discredited it. It is estimated that the US media also prepared the big hat of arsonist for the Chinese Consulate General.

From trade war, science and technology war, financial war, public opinion war, sovereignty war, military intimidation, to threatening to ban the members of the Communist Party of China and closing the Chinese consulate general, the United States is like a insane hemiplegic stroke patient, waving a big stick askew and frantically attacking China.

What makes America so hysterical?

An epidemic has blown the United States beyond recognition. The problems of institutional roots, ethnic antagonism, the gap between the rich and the poor, the struggle between the States and the federal government, the barriers set by States to each other, the contradictions between capitalists and political elites All the problems that had been covered up were blown into broad daylight.

Lets take a look at the US strategic approach to China published on the White House website on May 20.

There are several points to be vigilant about

1u3001 The nature of Sino US relations is competition among big powers;

4u3001 We will continue to contact China and manage the crisis, but we will not be soft hearted.

The United States is constantly tossing about China to see the effect, continue to toss and see the effect The US Defense Secretary suddenly said that he wanted to visit China at the end of the year.

Funny? Not at all. From the perspective of the US strategic approach to China, the US has a very clear purpose. The pressure is based on the international and domestic demand of the United States. At the same time, the short-term goal is constructive results.

What are the constructive results? What does China have?

no Absolutely not!

Take a look at the key words of the Chinese Foreign Ministrys response to the US side on this matter:

Political provocation

Serious breach


be truculent and unreasonable

vehemently condemn

Wrong decision

Throw the pot to blame

Stigmatization attacks

Unprovoked attack

Unreasonable and difficult

Intimidate, interrogate, confiscate

Unprovoked detention

Wanton stigmatization

Incite hatred

Bombs and death threats

Infiltration and confrontation

Theres no reason

Finally, a foreign ministry spokesman said: we urge the US side to immediately withdraw the wrong decision. If the US side insists on its own course, China will take measures to deal with it resolutely.

What measures should be taken? It is the vast number of Chinese netizens who took the initiative.

In terms of international policy logic, the trump administration thinks that Chinas development rate threatens the status of the United States; in terms of domestic policy logic, it is because the United States is unable to solve domestic problems and needs a goal to divert domestic attention.

On the 23rd, trump continued to threaten at a White House press conference, saying that he does not rule out ordering the closure of more Chinese diplomatic agencies in the United States. This possibility has always existed.

Well, I know youre not done with trump. Analyzing the recent Sino US struggle, we can see that the old cards of the United States have been basically played out. We 1.4 billion Chinese people are waiting for your new way!

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