Whats in my heart? Sallys dressing room speech: youre amazing to win under me

 Whats in my heart? Sallys dressing room speech: youre amazing to win under me

3C offers a cigarette to Sally: smoke a cigarette

Surrey, 61, was 32 years old in Italys eighth division during the 1990-1991 season. Then in Surrey coach Pescara and other low-level teams. Then, in the 2012-2013 season, he became manager of Empoli and took charge of the Serie A team for the first time. Then Sari was in charge at Napoli and at Chelsea and came to Juve last summer.

Although his coaching career is very long, he has never won the league title, and before taking charge of Chelsea last season, he did not even win a heavyweight championship (last seasons Champions League).

This season, sari led Juve to win the Serie A, but also achieved their own league title zero breakthrough. At the end of the game, Sally joked to the players: if you win with me, who has never won (serie a championship), you must be very good.

Then Sari talked about Cristiano Cristiano and di Bara, two of the champions of Juve: Ronaldo and dibala played an important role, they deserve more praise. There are tactical problems in trying to put so many different good players together. A few years ago, dibala and Ronaldo didnt start together very often. They are world-class players and its not easy to combine their own characteristics. I think I made it

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