70percent of the Japanese think it cant be held on schedule

 70percent of the Japanese think it cant be held on schedule

What should Tokyo Olympic Games do? Further extension, downsizing or complete cancellation? According to a new public opinion survey, more than 66% of the respondents thought that it should be postponed again and should be cancelled.

Fireworks were set off at the same time in 47 prefectures and counties of Japan, praying for an early end to the epidemic

July 24, originally the opening day of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, has been delayed for a year due to the outbreak of the new coronal epidemic, the news agency reported. In order to pray for an early end to the epidemic, a national fireworks show was planned by the Japan Conference.

On the evening of July 24, fireworks were set off in 121 places across Japan, praying for an early end to the epidemic situation (according to Jishi news agency)

According to reports, the national fireworks show, involving 121 places in 47 prefectures and counties in Japan, began to set off at 8:00 local time. The duration of fireworks shows varies from one minute and a half to three minutes, with 50 fireworks in each place. In order to avoid 3-density (closed, dense, close contact) environment, the organizers did not disclose these places in advance.

Maruyuku Co., Ltd., which is responsible for fireworks display in Tokyo, is good at integrating fireworks and music. The fireworks display of shengmei fireworks conference in Hokkaido and minatomirai intelligent music and Art Festival in Yokohama were organized, but these two major activities were cancelled this year. In the past, 800 fireworks display events will be held all over Japan, but this year they are forced to stop. Therefore, it is estimated that the sales of fireworks will be reduced by 90%.

As for the issue of setting off fireworks at the same time, xiaoshengxiong of maruyu house agrees that its really hard to add vitality to everyone. The number of deaths novel coronavirus pneumonia in Japan has exceeded 1000. He said, the original intention of holding a fireworks conference was to calm and dispel plagues. Although it may be laughed at now, the times are different, but I still look forward to the strength of fireworks.

The stadiums and gymnasiums of the Tokyo Olympic Games are extremely cold, and some of them grow more weeds than people

According to the Japanese Broadcasting Association (NHK), the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Organizing Committee held a ceremony at the Japanese national arena at 8:00 p.m. local time to welcome the first anniversary of the countdown to the Olympic Games. Japanese swimmer ikejiangrihuazi, wearing a long white dress, walked to the center of the national arena. She picked up the fire lamp that had been placed on the grass. The light went out. The words Tokyo 2020 (Tokyo 2020) and + 1 flashed on the screen around the second floor of the stadium, indicating that the Olympic Games were postponed for one year.

Japans famous swimmer Chi rihuako is one of the image ambassadors of the Tokyo Olympic Games (according to the daily news)

A year ago, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, together with international Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach and other guests and political figures gathered in the national arena to hold a grand event to welcome the Olympic Games. Now, one year later, Tokyo is the most serious area in Japan. In such a situation, people cannot gather and perform. Instead, the Japanese government held a simple ceremony on the 23rd, releasing a video clip of people related to the global Olympic Games, including ishiko ikejiangi.

Four years ago, at the age of 16, chijiang lihuazi participated in seven events of the Rio Olympic Games and won six gold medals in the Asian Games in 2018. Later, she suffered from leukemia, overcame many difficulties and finally overcame the disease. Therefore, chijiang lihuazi has become a symbol of the success of the Olympic Games in overcoming the epidemic situation.

Japans national arena is the main venue for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. The Japanese government spent $1.4 billion on the construction of the new stadium, according to a reporter from the Korean daily station in Japan. On January 1 this year, the Japanese government held the Mikado Cup football match inside. But an unexpected new championship epidemic forced the postponement of track and field events and other qualifying events scheduled for May. So far, the national arena is still closed.

In addition to the national arena, Japans other Olympic venues are also very cold. Tokyo Gymnasium (table tennis) and daidaidaiki Stadium (handball) near the national arena do not even have Olympic related signs. Arina, located in the east of Tokyos Dujiang District, is the venue of volleyball. Since its opening in February this year, it has held many concerts of popular singers. But with the outbreak of the epidemic, now it is surrounded by a sign that says safety first, and outsiders cant go in and out at will. In addition, in the venues where BMX racing is held, weeds grow higher than people.

At present, under the influence of the epidemic situation in Tokyo, there is no atmosphere related to the Olympic Games. In 2019, Mitsui real estate of Japan once hung many Olympic Games logos and giant photos of Japanese athletes in various prosperous areas of Tokyo, which has aroused high attention in Japan. But so far this year, there have been no related activities. In Ginza, Tokyo station and other places with large traffic, it is difficult to see the publicity related to the Tokyo Olympic Games.

Whether the Tokyo Olympic Games can be held as scheduled after one years delay has attracted much attention

Whether the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games can be held and in what way is still unknown.

In 1964, Japan successfully hosted the Tokyo Olympic Games for the first time, and since then has embarked on the road of rejuvenation. The Japanese government and the Japanese people are also full of expectations for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, hoping to take this opportunity to achieve a leap forward in international status, and even called out the slogan of Olympic rejuvenation (rejuvenation by hosting the Olympic Games). However, with the continuous expansion of the new crown epidemic, the holding time of the Tokyo Olympic Games has been postponed for one year. Now many people worry that maybe Japan will not be able to hold the Olympic Games on schedule next year.

At the same time, Japans enthusiasm for hosting the Olympic Games seems to be getting lower and lower. According to the public opinion survey, only 23.9% of respondents thought that the next summer Olympic Games should be postponed; according to the public opinion survey, only 23.9% of the respondents thought that the Olympic Games should be held again. According to the nhk22 public opinion survey, 35% of the people think it should be postponed again, and 31% of the people think it should be terminated. In other words, seven out of every 10 Japanese think Japan will not be able to hold the Olympic Games on schedule next year.

The president of the International Olympic Committee Bach delivered a speech at the Executive Board of the International Olympic Committee. Xinhua News Agency

On July 17, the president of the Tokyo Olympic Committee talked about the objective plan of the Olympic Games. Ensuring the health and safety of competitors is the top priority. Next years Tokyo Olympic Games should be held in a smaller scale, John Coates, chairman of the International Olympic Committees Coordinating Committee, told the Daily Telegraph on the 24th

According to Japans NHK, Yoshiro Mori, President of the Tokyo Olympic Committee, said in an interview on the 21st that it is impossible to hold the Olympic Games next year if the epidemic situation remains the same. However, Yoshiro Mori also stressed: Japan has not considered to postpone the Tokyo Olympic Games for another year, but the development of new crown vaccines and therapeutic drugs is the biggest variable.

It is worth noting that Yoshiro Mori, chairman of the Tokyo Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games, said on the 17th that it is impossible to cancel the Olympic Games as long as common sense is used. The cancellation of the Olympic Games will cause huge waste, which may be twice to three times the cost of hosting the Olympic games.

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