The president of Ali films overweight content track calls content king the truth of the industry

 The president of Ali films overweight content track calls content king the truth of the industry

Film is no longer a capital chasing industry

Organic in danger. Li Jie believes that there are two major changes in the film industry during the shutdown period: on the one hand, the film industry is no longer a capital chasing industry, and companies without capital strength and content production capacity are gradually out of business; secondly, affected by the epidemic situation, many films have not been started in time. It is estimated that the supply of films this year will drop by about two-thirds year-on-year, and the supply will be out of service after the summer break next year On the other hand, the terminal market (cinemas and distribution companies) has been hit by a fatal blow, and there are many examples of salary cuts, layoffs and job changes. Survival has become the primary goal of many enterprises.

First, content companies reflect and strictly control production costs. In the past few years, the growth rate of production cost even exceeded the growth rate of box office, and the investment of head film was more and more big, and the risk was higher and higher.

Second, technological innovation. When the black swan incident comes, the film industrys new technology reserves are far from enough. During the epidemic, many industries have taken measures to deal with it, but the film industry is almost zero. A lot of filmmakers are just beginning to wonder whether they should lay out online dramas.

In the wave of profound changes in the film industry, every step is crucial for all film companies, and Ali film decided to increase the content track.

At the beginning of its establishment, Ali pictures was a pure content company. It had been struggling for more than two years, but it didnt improve. The first batch of homemade dramas focused on building didnt splash. At that time, the film and television company bubble began, excellent creators set up their own studios, lack of first-class talents, leading to Ali film always lingering outside the first tier.

In 2015, Ali film changed its thinking, shifted its focus to infrastructure construction, and aspired to be a good hydropower coal in the film industry. In the following five years, the companys ticketing platform, cloud intelligence of cinema digital intelligent business system, and Internet publicity platform Lighthouse troika paralleled, and the market share jumped to the top two in the industry. Among them, the market share of Yunzhi and lighthouse are the first in the industry.

In August 2019, Li Jie held a small-scale internal meeting to determine the general direction of the race track for the content of extra weight. At that time, more than 20 people participated, which was not the staffing of five years ago.

Its not a change, its a natural result, but also a choice that the company has to make when it grows to a certain extent. Content is king is the truth of the film industry. If a company does not make content, it is very difficult to have a core competitiveness in this industry. Li Jie said that the content of Internet companies is no mans land. At present, no Internet company has successfully transformed into a content producer. Both Alibaba and Tencent are working hard.

The biggest difference between traditional film companies and internet film companies is that one is driven by experience and the other is driven by data.

In the face of change, traditional filmmakers are conservative. In the past many years, roadshow is a necessary action of traditional film publicity. Stars can communicate with fans and media closely by attending the meetings set up in different cities, and attract more audiences to buy tickets. However, due to the large number of cities, roadshows need to spend a lot of manpower, material and financial resources.

At the end of 2019, the lighthouse platform and Taobao live broadcast jointly launched impact broadcast with the online redefinition roadshow as the thinking orientation, and successively conducted online roadshows for the beneficiary and the gathering at the southern station.

Before this, many stars are reluctant to enter the live room, some stars think that the webcast is not advanced enough. When reporter Hu xuanjie told me at the beginning of the party, all the people in Nanfang could not tell me. For this reason, I flew to Xiamen to have dinner with Hu Ge for three times, and did ideological work for six hours before dispelling the concerns of the team behind him.

According to the data, 12 million people watched the beneficiary live studio, and 111666 movie tickets sold online were snapped up in six seconds. Hu Ge and Li Jiaqi, the leading actors of the gathering at the southern station, cooperated with each other to promote the films online publicity to a climax. On the night of live broadcast, 255000 movie tickets were sold out in 6 seconds, which brought the film a warm-up of over 200 million exposure materials and a total of 9.34 million viewers.

During the interview, Li Jie talked about MCN (online celebrity Incubation Platform) for many times. Li Jie said, we have seen the influence, driving force and opportunity of MCN business on film publicity and distribution. In the future, live broadcasting will definitely become the standard configuration of film publicity. Even if the epidemic situation is over, offline publicity activities will also be replaced.