Make complaints about summer in Tucao

 Make complaints about summer in Tucao

I almost cant remember what the definition of greasy is.


Although I didnt love the performance of yesterdays water year, they sang a song and became greasy. I really couldnt make complaints about it.

Especially this young man is more

2. Before watching lexia 2, I was a little worried, because the big and old bands were far less than lexia 1.

But after watching several bands, I found lexia 2 better than 1.

Not only for new fans, but also for old fans.

I have listened to rock music for many years, including the local rock music we call earth rock, and I often go to the live of various bands. As an unprofessional audience, one of my feelings is that there are too many old bands now.

To put it worse, there are too many old hunks in lexia 1. The style and creation of those bands may have been shaped 10 years ago or even 15 years ago. Every time they go up, you know what they are going to sing. There is nothing new.

And the young people of Le Xia 2, who obviously love to try new styles, and those young people who are from a professional background, come to play music. Ming Ming is in his twenties, but he plays the guitar much better than many old guns.

In that phrase, its called taking off half the veil of rock and roll..

Very professional and sincere.

In fact, looking around the world, the most talented music often comes from teenagers.

This time, in addition to the old band I loved very much before, the new bands, such as Mandarin, idiot and hyperslash, have given me a lot of surprise.

3. Mandarin, in particular, felt totally different from the previous bands, including almost all bands of Hexia 1.

You look at their clothes and shapes:

We joked.

Not to mention anything else, just the texture of the clothes, and they won.

Its like a rich second generation band trying to bring something new and experimental.

Of course, all Chinese bands will always bring some foreign music shadow, as long as it is not too strong, dont be too harsh.

4. Many people dont understand why they are eliminated because they are looking at the five beautiful people.

I also like this band. Ive seen five people live many times. I think their biggest problem is the same as when I listen to them.

The performance of the live band is not a comparison of singing skills and melody, but a whole feeling brought by the band.

In the absence of lighting, cant understand the lyrics, and there are no subtitles, the performance of the five performers must be very explosive, and the talent may be outstanding.

However, they are not of this style

So theres no way.

Of course, if you vote after the talk at the end of the show, it may be another story... After all, Renke almost didnt laugh me to death, and once ranked first in microblog hot search.

Even after that, their reply in Zhihu made people laugh.

But then again, the bands summer is not a competition, and there is no problem of not making a debut. As long as the band has a good performance, even if it is only a minute, it will get a lot of exposure.

In this sense, five people are already lucky.

5. Among the 33 bands, I like the right to remodel the statue the most, and the wild child is the second (unfortunately, Zhang Weiwei didnt come)

The wild children havent performed yet. Lets not say, but we can expect that their live performances are very recognizable. My feeling is that they are more like a baritone chorus than a band.

Several old men stand in a row and sing the Yellow River and silver hotel with infectious harmony. You can immediately feel the vastness and momentum of Northwest China.


u2014u2014Its just more than ten years older than me. I know him, but he doesnt know my alumni.

Its a mistake.

Intentionally or unintentionally, the program group is shaping and reshaping the image of East China as a very pretentious force. For example, before the start of the program, the program has been in progress for five or six times

Of these 33 bands, we must be the strongest.

Then, in the preparation stage, he intentionally or unintentionally released East China to speak German, emphasizing several times:

Its a pure English band.

Its easy for them to jump out, which is equivalent to holding them to a high and extremely cold position.

But in 2020, with the international situation turning right, it is easy to bring them a lot of black powder.

What Im afraid of is that after they are too hot, they are picked out by black powder, and then they will never see them again

At the end of the performance, what they said when they answered the question might be closer to the original intention:

In fact, this is much more appropriate than the we let leshas level be a little higher cut out by the program team.

Remodeled styles are not uncommon in foreign countries, especially in Europe. There are also many great bands in their bodies. But they have their own things, and what they are performing is relatively rare in China.

There are a lot of songs that you cant sing on a stage like lexia, and even some songs that you cant find in music software and can only be heard on the spot.

Their music style is strange and the arrangement is complicated. The movements and body language of several musicians are well matched with their music. As soon as they start, you will be dragged into a kind of atmosphere with a little weird, instead of acting.

Thats what I like most about them.

It can even be said that they are one of the most complete, pursuing and well-known bands in China.

Watching in front of the TV is more exciting.

So for what they said at the beginning, maybe many people think they are pretending to be forced.

But I think its all true.


Happy summer, looking forward to the next scene.