High school entrance examination results come out! After reading the Chinese score, the parents were silent

 High school entrance examination results come out! After reading the Chinese score, the parents were silent

In fact, not only Shanghai, Chinese can be said to be the king of pulling points in the national K12 examination. The children of junior high school entrance examination, middle school entrance examination and college entrance examination are in fear of being dominated by it.

Why did Chinese become the king of Lafayette? What are the key aspects of Chinese training in order to make the input-output efficiency the highest? These are two key issues that we need to address.


1. The integration degree of knowledge module in the test questions is low.

It is found that the teaching purpose can be reflected in the examination paper, such as improving reading, writing and communication ability, developing students sense of language and thinking. These aspects are very necessary, but it is difficult to show the form of systematic test questions in the test paper.

In contrast, a big problem in mathematics can systematically integrate multiple knowledge points, and English can also integrate multiple grammar points in the test, but it is difficult to do Chinese test.

The questions that students usually practice are similar to each other in the exam, so it is difficult to meet the requirements of the syllabus. Naturally, the scores are not as good as those in mathematics and English.

2. Most of the questions are subjective

In addition to the number of language, there are subjective form test questions. The large part of mathematics and the composition part of English are all standard subjective forms, but compared with the Chinese test questions, they are still very small.

In order to adapt to the standards formulated by the outline, there are few objective forms of examination questions (ABCD is selected) in the Chinese examination. 150 points of the test paper and more than 140 points are subjective forms of examination questions. One composition accounts for 60 points. It is not too much to say that it is a nightmare for thousands of candidates.

In addition to reciting and dictating in class test points, most of the standard answers of Chinese test questions are determined by the proposition expert group according to their own subjective will, which determines that the answers are highly subjective.

To take the simplest example, a meeting of the Chinese proposition expert group can change the standard answer under the condition that the test question itself remains unchanged. However, the expert group on mathematical proposition is definitely unable to do so. Once a mathematical problem is formed, as long as the problem itself has no error, the answer and solution method are objective and stable and can not be changed.

In this case, how should we guide children to allocate energy reasonably, in order to achieve the best effect of input-output ratio? I personally suggest a ratio of 2:7:1.

Let children recite and memorize ancient poetry and classical Chinese in a planned way. Write more silently and practice more. Do not wait for the last few months to recite them together. This part can get full marks, but also must get full marks.

2. Sum up the answers of subjective and objective questions in the real questions over the years (70% energy distribution)

The types of questions that the examiners can create are essentially a limited set, especially for reading comprehension questions. You can see from the real questions over the years that the types of test questions are similar.

We can sum up most of the possible motifs and the corresponding answers through a large number of real questions.

The so-called motif is the meta question type, which is the basis for the change of all similar questions. For example, one of the motifs in reading comprehension is appreciation. The examinee gives a underlined sentence to let the examinee appreciate a word or a sentence and explain what is good about it. For example:

(2) The language of the following sentences is very expressive, so you can appreciate it from any angle.

Holding the book, ran home, carefully placed in the corner of the bed, quickly eat to write homework, and then, tied in the light, silent, a page, Zai Zai carefully looked at the past. (Chinese test questions for 2017 senior high school entrance examination in Qingdao, Shandong Province)

The answer to this question is: using a series of verbs such as hold, run, put, eat, write, tie and see, vividly and vividly describe my joy of getting the book and my strong desire for reading.

After we find the motif, we have to brush the real questions over the years to see what answers have appeared in this type of questions in the real questions of the senior high school entrance examination over the years.

For example, there may be answers in the following directions:

u2460 Rhetorical devices (metaphor, personification, parallelism, exaggeration, antithesis, repetition, rhetorical questions, etc.)

u2461 Description Techniques (appearance, language, action, psychology, manner, etc.)

u2462 Allusions

u2463 Language style

u2464 Onomatopoeia

In this way, we can work out a set of answers to the motif. Because the number of motifs is limited, we can brush out the answers of common motifs through a large number of real questions and keep them in mind, which can achieve twice the result with half the effort.

3. Pure subjective test questions should seek the unknown from the known (energy allocation 10%)

What do you think of when you read paragraph 1? Please write down the problem and briefly explain the cause of the problem. (Chinese volume of Beijing high school entrance examination in 2018)

This is a very open question. First of all, you should choose a question and then answer it according to your choice. The standard answers are as follows:

Answer: the first paragraph highly praises Xintianyou, but there is no specific introduction. It paves the way for the following and also attracts readers interest in reading. Why is it a fine art.

If you want to answer this question perfectly, you need to notice that this paragraph is located in the first paragraph. Therefore, we can put together the content function and structure function of the article to form the answer to this question. The content function is extremely praising Xintianyou and the structural function is paving the way for the following and attracting readers interest in reading. Thats the right answer.

The reason why this part of the energy is less, because it changes more, more difficult, and the proportion of the score is not high, belongs to the typical high questions, so for most candidates, it is reasonable to invest 10% of the energy.


Thousands of routines, diligence is the first. The above mentioned problems are all about how to better adapt to the K12 language test mode, and to really improve the results or to find the correct method of hard work.

As for the composition that occupies the largest part of the Chinese examination, we pushed I found two hidden rules to get high marks from the composition in Beijing and Shanghai high school entrance examination. I will post the payment secret of childrens composition tutorial class to you for free! u300bThese two strategies are of great practical significance. It is recommended that parents take advantage of the summer vacation to pay close attention to make-up lessons.

If you want to see more interesting and interesting nursery work, please search for the official account of parents meeting.

Author: Xu Bo, editor in charge: Shi Yue_ NS3913