Brazilians love football as much as they love basketball

 Brazilians love football as much as they love basketball

No matter men, women, young or old, people in louta understand basketball and love basketball. This sport, which was introduced to louta in the 1950s and 1960s, has not only become one of the cultural characteristics of the town, but also penetrated into every family. This rural basketball visit, the reporter went to louta Town, in addition to counting the basketball courts in the villagers homes, he also really felt the love of basketball in this mountain town.

Half a century of basketball love makes the town more vigorous

Louta Town, located in the south of Xiaoshan, is located at the junction of Xiaoshan, Fuyang and Zhuji. It was built in 897 A.D. and still has a street named after Qian Liu, king of Wu and Yue. Louta town covers an area of 47 square kilometers, governs 12 administrative villages and 1 community, with a total population of 25085 and more than 6000 permanent migrants.

With the slogan of ancient louta tower, Qingshui town, louta has been making great efforts to build an ancient cultural and tourism town for thousands of years. Behind the central ancestral hall of louta ancient town, there is a small basketball court. The famous slogan of Brazilian football, tower basketball is on the wall beside the court. After a hundred years of white walls and black tiles and passionate basketball together, louta town is very harmonious.

In addition to the ancient town culture, basketball is also a major feature of the tower. Wang Xingjiang, a propagandist of louta town government, told reporters that the slogan Brazils football, Lou TAs Basketball was called out by the villagers themselves. At that time, they played banners on the basketball court in the village to cheer for their village teams. Later, everyone felt that the saying was good, and it has been retained until now.

There are so many venues is not enough. Some villagers in louta town have set up a basketball court in their own yard, one basket and one field. They can play whenever they want.

Lou canqiao, Secretary of the Party committee of loujiata village, won the second place in the basketball competition of Zhejiang farmers games on behalf of Hangzhou city more than 40 years ago. Now he is still active in the basketball circle. Whether his family lives in the original old house or recently moved to a new house, there must be a basketball court.

Like many louta people who love basketball, Lou canqiao also pays attention to talking with the ball. When people visit relatives and friends for tea and chat, they directly open play. Anyway, people who can play basketball in louta town are particularly easy to find. The rules are determined by the situation of the players. It can be that two women play a man, an old and a young man, and they can play when they say they play.

A family of five brothers, pull out is a basketball team

The reporter learned from the louta town government that the local yarn art industry was once well-known. There is a saying that louta looms ring, banknotes are packed in sacks. There are also Five industry chains, such as paper cartons, clothing and textile, electronic and acoustic, hardware machinery, and yarn lace. In recent years, taking advantage of the spring breeze of Rural Revitalization, earth shaking changes have taken place in the tower, the village has become beautiful, and the villagers have become rich. Under such economic development situation, louta Town, combined with the development of ecological leisure tourism, puts forward the goal of revitalizing the basketball town and building the first basketball town in Xiaoshan.

Louta has a permanent population of 26000. Men and women, old and young, almost all can play basketball. Therefore, in louta Town, the referee is particularly difficult to blow. If one is not careful, an old lady in her 70s will point out, this ball is foul. Why not play it? So its no exaggeration to say that the popularity of basketball in tower tower is comparable to that of football in Brazil.

With the five brothers surnamed Zhang and the next generation of nephews and nephews of the next generation, their own family can pull out a ten person basketball team with main force and substitutes, which once became a legend in louta town.

All five of them love playing basketball. When they were young, they were the main force of the basketball team. Now their next generation has joined. Talking about the family basketball team, the villagers in Guancun know it. Zhang Genxiang, nicknamed old monk, was the third in the five brothers. When he formed the team, he was more than 50 years old, but he was the number one center in louta town when he was young. Its because I like basketball, I havent stopped for decades. When I was young, I focused on my grades. Now I regard it as a way to keep fit. Today, as the children grow up, the family basketball team is getting stronger and stronger.

When basketball is most popular, pork stall owners in the vegetable market will come out to play. Wang Xingjiang told reporters that now many villagers in louta town go out to study and work. But once they come to play basketball games on behalf of the village every year, they will come back, and those who work will ask for leave to come back: we all know that people in louta town will go back to the village at this time of year, and the time of the annual expedition is coming.

The basketball game in louta town is lively and influential in the surrounding areas. In the four-year National Games of Xiaoshan District, louta town has won the championship in every basketball event, which has won nine consecutive times.

Small basketball, the villages men and women, old and young, from mahjong table, network games to the court, not only enriched the amateur life of Lou TA people, but also imperceptibly changed peoples lifestyle.

Some villagers organize basketball games during the Shangliang ceremony, and also organize guests to play a ball when they get married. Even the most distinctive and important half year festival in louta town is as important as the Spring Festival. In the daytime, villagers complete the activities of killing pigs, slaughtering chickens and ducks, wrapping zongzi, setting off firecrackers, and entertaining guests. In the evening, they also take the opportunity to get together to play a ball game.

The basketball fans in the town are not satisfied with their own nest in the town and have invited international players to join the club. In October 2019, the first louta Cup flying young world basketball match will be held in the basketball court of Datong No.1 village. Villagers can see the wonderful skills of teams from Zhejiang University, Zhejiang industrial and Commercial University and students from Russia, South Africa, Nigeria, Britain and other countries (regions) at their homes. Hearing the news, the villagers surrounded the three floors inside and outside the stadium, and the wonderful football match made the mountain fans full of eyes.

This mountain town, known as the hometown of basketball, will continue to be passionate about basketball.