Hangzhou smashed a million, the introduction of this courier, tell you this life, in the end for whom to work?

 Hangzhou smashed a million, the introduction of this courier, tell you this life, in the end for whom to work?

A few days ago, the circle of friends was brushed by an express boy

After 1995, high school culture, but together with Li Jiaqi on hot search.

As a high-level talent, he directly settled in Hangzhou and received a 1 million house purchase subsidy.

However, a young courier, who was introduced by the government, is still a high-level D-class talent.

It can not only give priority to lottery and select houses, but also subsidize 1 million houses and 30000 license plates;

They can also enjoy care in medical care and childrens schooling.

Express brother usually send express delivery, how can it be with talent?

In the past five years in the express industry, Li Qingheng has been asking for trouble every day.

This position is relatively easy, do not need to participate in the distribution link, as long as communicate with customers, record exceptions, submit feedback and so on.

But he thought, how can we better serve our customers without going to the first-line experience?

So he took the initiative to apply for front-line support. He arrived at the post at 5:6 a.m. and went home to rest at 10:00 p.m.

Unloading, sorting, scanning, loading

Once, a client ordered a batch of costumes.

However, the merchant delivered the goods too late. When Li Qingheng received the customers reminder call, it was the night before the performance.

But to help clients catch up with the show at 8 a.m. the next morning, he ran to the transit center.

The flight took off, but he was still worried. He contacted the staff of Chongqing transfer center and asked the other party to deliver it as soon as possible.

Over time, he began to practice a unique skill to improve efficiency: quick sorting in one second.

In order to familiarize the information with his heart, he made great efforts, so that some of them were possessed by the devil.

He can also scan hundreds of items, such as solid glue, U-disk, lighter, RMB, table tennis and other prohibited items in aviation at a glance.

10000 hours law says: to become an expert in a certain field, you need to study 10000 hours.

Li Qingheng in this way in the express industry for 5 years.

It won the first place in Zhejiang Province Express professional skills competition, and was awarded the title of Zhejiang Province technical expert by the provincial social security department.

The identification of high-level talent qualification comes from his excellent professional ability.

Do you think it is necessary for him to do these research?

As a courier, sort, deliver and collect packages step by step.

Anyway, if you make one, you will earn one.

It will not raise wages, but also delay time.

Its hard to see.

But it was the bricks that were lifted with great effort that they built a bridge unconsciously, which led him to the land of surprise of fate.

Its inspirational, isnt it?

However, we are all limited by the thinking of migrant workers.

What is workers thinking?

It has been summed up well:

The boss gives me as much money as I can;

If the boss doesnt give more money, I dont give much effort.

Ive done more than 4000 for nothing.

It sounds like a matter of course.

But there is a deep logic that is often ignored

If you regard work as selling time, what you actually waste is your own time.

A few years ago, I took a private class in the gym near my home.

But after a few months of practice, I felt more and more bad about the experience.

Its not that there is any problem with private education, but that:

First of all, the ventilation effect of this shop is not good, and everyone is sweating in a room, and the smell is certainly bad;

Second, the matching bathroom is not enough. When there are too many people, we have to queue up to take a bath.

A lot of people, for this reason, have moved to a gym with a better environment nearby.

If you improve the supporting environment, you can retain more customers, and you can also make a contribution to the boss.

Unexpectedly, he said:

Its all about the administration. Im a coach.

Why do you think I care so much? The boss wont give me an extra cent, will you

Im kind enough to make a fool of myself. Shut up.

After that, I had no choice but to change my gym.

About half a year later, he made a statement in his circle of friends that he had resigned.

I wanted to talk to him, but he complained:

Pull it down. After several years of work, there is still no improvement at all.

If the salary doesnt rise, the boss doesnt use it.

If you dont want to stay here, you have to stay.

It can be imagined that if he changes another platform, he will still only look at the things in front of him and compare the pay and get.

I dont know. Its far more important to master a knack in the industry than how much salary you get every month.

If you dont get the return you want, you will start to be angry, aggrieved and change jobs again.

What I care about most is the salary, but what I lose most quickly is just the salary.

But it is also such people who like to complain about the bad environment.

The boss cant see his own efforts blindly. What can others do for promotion and pay rise.

This is the mentality of migrant workers

Sell your own time. You can sell a little bit. You will never think about how to make yourself appreciate.

Even if you have 10 years of work experience, you may only repeat the experience of one year 10 times.

Psychologist Wu Zhihong told a story: be an apple tree that will grow forever..

Theres an apple tree. Its hard to bear fruit.

In the first year, it produced 10 apples, 9 were picked, and got 1 by itself.

Apple trees feel very unfair, simply cut their own meridians, no longer grow.

In the next year, it only produced five apples, four were picked, and one was left.

So its much better:

Haha, I only got 10% last year and 20% this year!

After all, Ive doubled what Ive got.

But the apple tree ignores it. It actually has another choice:

Continue to grow.

Or maybe, its taken away from 99, and it gets only one on its own.

When it grows into a towering tree, the troubles that once hindered its harvest.

Will be small enough to be negligible.

At the end of the story, Wu Zhihong wrote:

You feel like that apple tree. You only enjoy a small part of the fruit.

So, you are angry, you are upset, you are full of complaints.

Decide not to work so hard and let what you do match what you get.

After a few years, you reflect.

Now you have no passion and talent when you just worked.

Its the most terrifying result. Youve stopped growing.

Take a look at the balance on your bank card and the mortgage and car loan you want to pay

After you stop growing up, how much money can you make by spending a few years in your job?

Having seen a sharing speech by a Huawei executive, he said with emotion:

If you let him apply for this company now, he cant even pass the resume screening.

Because now the head of the crowd want to come in, which is not a famous school graduates, returned students?

If it wasnt for hanging out with the big guy, he could bear hardships and suffer.

Carrying a projector, I went to the village to sell equipment, actively participated in several international super large projects, and tried hard to upgrade all kinds of strange things.

Maybe, its just an ordinary white-collar.

There is an old Chinese saying: those who can do more work.

In this era, change is too fast.

When you are used to muddling along, holding the more things than less mentality.

There is always a back wave ready to shoot you on the beach.

Even Huawei executives have such a sense of crisis, let alone ordinary people like us?

We dont have background, experience, wealth, relationships.

Only get rid of grievances and embrace change.

If you ask, who are you working for in this life?

In fact, the economist Xue Zhaofeng has already told the truth:

In fact, everyone, every time, is working for their resume.

No matter how long the company can last, this resume will always be with us.

You regard work as work, and you basically spend your whole life doing it every day;

You work as a career to struggle, you must get higher than you expect.

There is a line in the TV series women are not strong, heaven forbids it:

With a salary of 2000 yuan, you should have 10000 yuan.

If youre going to work on money, youll work for people all your life, and youll live in darkness.

In 2014, Alibaba was listed in the United States, and Ma Yun selected eight Alibaba customers as bell ringers.

One of them is Dou Liguo, a courier from Jilin rural area who has not graduated from junior high school.

Why him?

Looking at Dou Liguos career, you will find that it is not surprising.

Others are tired and tired and want to change jobs, but Dou Liguo thinks about how to solve the problem.

In order to make people remember himself, he printed 10000 business cards out of his own pocket and sent them to people as soon as he saw them.

Nine out of 10 people didnt want it. They turned around and threw it away after they got it. They also scolded him for being in the way.

He walked back down the road, picked it up, blew it, wiped it, and sent it back the next day.

Later, he added some information about ordering meals and water on his business card to provide peripheral information services.

I want to leave a business card and think of him when I send it next time.

Other people express delivery to leave, he will chat with customers, understand their preferences, give them some small gifts.

When an old customer was about to retire, Dou Liguo sent him a bunch of flowers, which moved the old customers very much.

The capital is so big and blocked.

When the navigation software didnt come out, Dou Liguo even drew many road maps by hand.

Which unnamed path leads to where, where can take a shortcut, which road is the most easily blocked.

He knows it all.

An express boy who came out of the mountain and didnt have much culture, just like this:

In five years, he earned more than 2 million yuan and became Ma Yuns guest of honor.

If Dou Liguo thinks that labor is working for others, he may never get such a sense of value.

If he only sees 20 yuan he can get, he may never make a 2 million yuan.

This is how the gap between people is opened.

Only accountants complain when they work for other peoples salary;

How much you value for your resume, and has the final say.

The bottom decides the head. Thats true.

But when you sit in the dominant position and think, what you get is the growth and growth of the strong.

No job is not hard.

Dont be coquettish. What you are doing now is just icing on the cake for your resume.

To be an apple tree that grows forever, your future can be shaped by yourself.

Author: Mr. Wang Er, you dont know astronomy, you dont know geography, you know a little bit about life. Pay attention to [Mr. Wang Er] (ID: huangezishiba), a middle-aged boy who cant help roaring when he sees injustice on the road. This article is from WeChat official account: Mr. Wang ear. This picture is from the Internet, the copyright belongs to the original author.