Poetry gives back the morning to oneself, and returns oneself to time

 Poetry gives back the morning to oneself, and returns oneself to time

Dont sleep in

Get up early

Tang Dynasty: Du Fu

Tie stone to prevent decadent bank, open forest out of the mountains.

There are twists and turns in a hill, climbing slowly.

When the boy servant comes to the city, he gets the wine in the bottle.

To enjoy the morning, the first thing to do is: dont sleep in.

If you already wake up with the gentle birdsong on the branches outside the window, stretch out and get up. Dont miss a wonderful morning because of a moments laziness.

Have a good breakfast

Ludao west gate

Tang Dynasty: Bai Juyi

Luxury and fat,

There is plenty to eat and rest.

Yi Qi Huang Qi quazhi fern,

For many busy young people, a good breakfast is a luxury. How many people wake up in a hurry in the morning, wash in a hurry, buy a steamed bun in a hurry on the road, sometimes it is too late to skip directly. But in fact, having a good breakfast can make the whole day full of happiness. Just imagine that drinking a cup of hot soybean milk with your favorite steamed stuffed buns and fried dough sticks without a hurry makes people look forward to the coming of the next morning than to start a days work with hunger?

Man Tingfang chanting tea

Song Dynasty: Mi Fu

The elegant swallow flies the cup, talks and flies the dust,

You will be able to meet all the wise men.

Dense clouds and double phoenixes are the first to break the wisp of gold.

The smoke outside the window is automatic,

Open the bottle and try to taste the fragrant spring.

Light waves, fragrant jade milk,

A maid should be beautiful,

The guest in the seat turns over the sorrow, the wine wakes the song LAN.

Light the gauze cage and draw the candle,

Flower lane, moon shadow when Xuan.

If you want to go, stay.

If you want to have a nice morning, a cup of tea is a good choice.

Sitting in the courtyard, bathed in warm but not hot sunshine, breathing the fragrance of gardenia flowers mixed with green grass and soil in the rain of the previous night, cooking tea, smelling tea and tasting tea taste, which is quite far away from the crowd and enjoying yourself.

Holding a volume of books

Reading pleasure in four seasons

Song Dynasty: Weng Sen

Hsinchu is surrounded by mulberry trees,

The small room is quiet and bright.

When the day is long, the cicadas are singing,

The night was dark, and the fireflies were in the curtain.

In the North Window lies the emperor Xi,

The only factor is the interest of reading.

The joy of reading is endless,

A piece of Yao Qin is used to smoke the wind.

If you dont read a book for a day, you cant think well. If you dont read in January, you will lose your eyesight and ears. A morning immersed in the fragrance of books and ink will keep you in good spirits all day.

Enjoy the unique scenery

Seeing Lin Zifang off at Jingci Temple

Song Dynasty: Yang Wanli

After all, the West Lake in June,

The scenery is not the same as the four seasons.

The lotus leaves are boundless,

The lotus in the sun is so red.

If you want to have a good mood in the morning, go out and enjoy the scenery of the four seasons.

Welcome to a new day

Early departure of Baidi City

During the reign of emperor Bai,

A thousand miles of Jiangling returned in one day.

The sound of apes on both sides of the Strait could not stop crying,

The canoe has passed the ten thousand mountains.

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