The big meat sticks that make more than 200000 yuan come again? 11 new shares to be purchased this week

 The big meat sticks that make more than 200000 yuan come again? 11 new shares to be purchased this week

You know, before that, Kanghua biological 20 even board, shareholders in a sign can earn 260000 yuan. Ganli Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. harvested 13 one word limit boards, with a single sign profit of 200000 yuan.

The first stock of new crown vaccine will be listed in a share

The H-share will be issued on Friday, July 31. As of last Friday, the H-share price is HK $215, equivalent to RMB 195, with a total market value of HK $47.9 billion. According to the Hong Kong stock price, it is estimated that the issue price of a shares may be set at about 200 yuan, and the amount of 500 shares to be signed is about 100000 yuan. As the stock is crowned with the concept of the first share of the new crown vaccine, it is likely to soar by 200% or even higher on the first day of listing. According to this calculation, winning a lot or earning more than 200000 yuan may be obtained.

Consinor bio was officially listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in March 2019. Kangxinuo Biological Technology Co., Ltd. will join the H + science and Technology Innovation Board camp of China Communications and Haohai biotechnology, which is the first a + H vaccine stock in the science and technology innovation board.

(image source: wind financial terminal APP)

At present, novel coronavirus has developed 16 innovative vaccine products for prevention of meningitis, Ebola virus disease, DPT, pneumonia, tuberculosis and new coronavirus pneumonia, etc., 16 indications.

11 new shares issued simultaneously

In addition to kangxinuo, there are still a lot to see in the new market. According to the preliminary arrangement, 11 new shares were applied for this week, with a total issuance scale of 474 million shares and a total of 8.346 billion yuan to be raised, including four main boards, one gem and six science and technology innovation boards. The six new shares of the science and technology innovation board are Gaoshi, yihuatong, Minxin, Xianhui technology, Shijia Photonics and kangxinuo.

On schedule, there will be three new shares available on Monday, four on Wednesday, one on Thursday and three on Friday.

The profit making effect of new shares is booming, and the highest one is 260000

If the number one contract earns 50000 yuan, it can be called meat signing. This years new shares did not disappoint investors. As of last Friday (July 24), 157 new A-shares have been listed this year (excluding st countries reloading).

GuoDun quantum is known as the first share of quantum communication. The company is mainly engaged in the R & D, production, sales and technical services of quantum communication products. The issuing price of GuoDun quantum is 36.18 yuan / share, and its single signing profit is 167100 yuan based on the closing price on the first day of listing. Wind data shows that since 2000, only two companies, small commodity city and St Jintai, have risen more than GuoDun quantum on the first day of listing. Small commodity city was listed on May 9, 2002, with an increase of 1356.25% on the first day; ST Jintai was listed on July 23, 2001, with an increase of 1278.85%.

When it comes to big meat sticks, we have to mention Kanghua biology, which made a profit of 261400 yuan with the winners single signature, becoming the most profitable new stock of a shares this year. On June 16, Kanghua bio landed on the gem with an offering price of 70.37 yuan per share, which is the second highest non sci tech innovation board new stock issue price this year. After closing 20 one word limit board, its share price reached 619.73 yuan, becoming the second highest price share of a share after Guizhou Maotai.

On July 16, Gan Li Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. dropped rapidly after the opening. According to the average appearance profit, the winning bidders single signing profit reached 198300 yuan.


2. In terms of the weekly price rise and decline, after excluding the 11 new shares listed in the past week, a total of 100 stocks were listed, and the stock prices of 68 stocks increased by more than 40% in a week, and 46 stocks fell. The stock with the largest increase in the week of listing was Jiete biological, which increased by 104.93%; the stock with the largest decline was youkede-w, with a week-wide drop of 36.86%.

3. In terms of Januarys rise and fall, after excluding the 41 new shares listed in the past month, a total of 76 stocks were listed. The stock prices of 49 stocks increased by more than 40% in January, and 40 stocks fell. Wantai biological Co., Ltd., with the largest increase in January, increased by 511.98%; Daotong Technology Co., Ltd., with a decline of 36.91% in January, was the largest stock.

A shares ushered in listing tide

The five factors supporting A-share upward remain unchanged

After last Fridays rapid decline, what will the future trend of A-share market be like and what will the institutions think of it?

For the future market, Shen wanhongyuan believes that there is no basis for a sharp decline in the market. Under the background that the domestic macro-economy continues to improve and the profit growth of listed companies continues to pick up, the bull market in the medium and long term can still be expected, and the range of short-term correction can be controlled.

The Investment Fund believes that the market has been rising too fast, and some parts of the board have a tendency to bubble. The fall is the re release of market adjustment pressure. Restricted by the epidemic situation and economic situation abroad, liquidity at home and abroad is still not likely to be tightened in a trend. Meanwhile, the real economic data in the second quarter continued to improve, and the trend of broad credit is expected to continue in the third quarter. There is little room for the index to decline sharply. At present, we can still look for structural opportunities with a positive attitude.

Some of the previously issued funds have completed their positions, and most of the new funds have not reduced their positions. Therefore, this adjustment actually provides the market with an opportunity to copy the bottom.

In terms of specific strategies, Yang Delong pointed out that the dairy sector has a low valuation in food and beverage. If there is a correction in the dairy sector this time, it will be a good opportunity to increase positions. The technology sector fluctuates greatly, including new energy vehicles, which are greatly affected by the volatility of Teslas stock price. However, as an emerging industry, new energy vehicles represent the direction of economic transformation, and long-term opportunities remain You can pay attention to it.