Man, which move cant stand a woman most? (daily 81)

 Man, which move cant stand a woman most? (daily 81)

July 12th

Come on, let me tell you how hypocritical Wang Mumu is! Ive lived in this rental house for six years, and its the first time I cleaned it so clean. Or was it only one month before we had to move... Why? Because my son is going to the kindergarten for an interview the day after tomorrow, I was going to take him back to my hometown. Later, my parents said that they had planned to come to Guangzhou at the end of this month. It happened that they just brought their children up. As soon as Mu Mu heard that her father-in-law and her mother-in-law were going to come, I was so tired these days that she dragged me to clean up from 10:00 in the morning to now. When cleaning, I said that a lot of places were almost OK. Anyway, they were almost moved. She still had to wash them like renovations. She said to me without shame: Mom came tomorrow to see how dirty and messy the house was, and she couldnt sit still. She wanted to help us clean up. How could mom still work so hard. I was so worried that my parents would come. She knew that she was also very untidy. After all, my parents knew that I was sloppy. Ha ha ha ha ha, it would be exhausting after cleaning. She went to take a bath and blow the air conditioner to eat watermelon. I had to continue cooking. Ah, my life is really hard!

July 14th

Yesterday, my son came to Guangzhou. I took him up and down stairs several times. I ran into two little sisters who lived in the same building in the elevator. I often met them on weekdays, but I never spoke. These two days, when they saw my son in the elevator, they teased him and asked me if I was my child. I said yes, they praised my son for being cute and super white. Suddenly I came to a conclusion that I want a girl to chat you up and raise a child is a good choice. Then I took my son to the kindergarten for an interview at noon. I lost my face to the kindergarten. This baby is just coming to pit my father. The teacher asked him: whats your mothers name? He said: Wang Mu, I hastily explain: my mothers name is Huang Lin, I often call her Wang Mu Mu, so he always thought his mothers name was Wang Mu. Then the teacher asked: whats your fathers name? He said: Dad is a sand sculpture. Teacher: me: am I really special... All of them are Wang Mumus unreliable mother. She usually teaches her children blindly and goes home to see how I can serve her at night. If the children cant go to kindergarten by then, Ill take this stupid woman off

July 15th

July 16th

How long has it been after dinner? She said she was hungry at this point? She cant eat pigs. Im a queen and told me to cook her noodles. Finally, I ate some dregs and soup. I was shameless and said that I had some left for me. Bah, I used to be a garbage can? As soon as I dont eat, she says that I dont love her anymore and dislikes what she has eaten. I dont want to see her in the same way. I just dont have the appetite to eat. As a result, she said that I must have anorexia and that she would take me to the hospital to see a doctor tomorrow. Ive never seen such a boring woman

July 17th

Today, I went to the kindergarten to get my babys admission notice. By the way, I decided whether he would go to a small class or a middle class. Because he had been studying in the small class for a year in his hometown, he had thought of going to the middle class in Guangzhou. Then the teacher said that because my baby was born on September 8, I would have to go to primary school one year later. Instead of going to the big class for another year, I would rather start from the small class and go to the big class with other children. Ah, I was born in the middle of September, because I had to go to primary school one year late, and my father and son had the same fate. When I went home, Wang Mumu still blamed me for saying that the child had inherited nothing from me and inherited my bad luck

July 18th

July 19th

Lets have a copywriter____________

Last night, the customer said that he would invite Mu Mus team to dinner. It happened that I had a friend coming to Guangzhou. So I put the coconut chicken that Mu Mu said he wanted to drink yesterday, and then I went out to meet my friends. Later, Mu Mu said that the customers were too enthusiastic and always offered them wine. She drank a little too much and had a headache. Although Wang Mu, a stupid woman, had never been drunk at ordinary times, she just didnt really drink it. She really thought she couldnt drink a thousand cups. After asking her clearly, I told her to take a taxi home, and then I quit my friend and went home. As soon as I got home, the stupid woman who had drunk wine even washed her hair. After being scolded by me, she pretended to be poor Wei Qu Ba Ba to lie down on the bed and said that she was uncomfortable. I went to bring her the stew, and she said that she couldnt drink it and wanted to vomit. Then I sat on the bed to help her caress her back, she suddenly buried in my arms, said to her husband hug. After a while, she fell on my lap and said, my husband will help me blow my hair.. Before her hair dried, she fell asleep and lay on my lap. At that moment, she felt that my girl was really irritating and painful. She got up early this morning. She said she wanted to eat watermelon and tea. It was cold and hot. She made fun of her stomach all day long. I didnt allow her to purr her mouth and look aggrieved. I dont know why. I cant stand her move. I cant help it

July 22nd

All of a sudden, I couldnt help being polite and sexy. This is the so-called mutual support in marriage. Some words dont need to be said, but we can always understand each others innermost feelings through one sentence and one look. Although life exhausts us every day, we have the warmth that life can never take away because of you.

July 23rd

Lets give you a warning. In the future, we must pay more attention to the decoration workers. Today, when we do a big cleaning for our new house, we cant wash the paint from the toilet, and the wooden floor of the bedroom has been scratched beyond recognition! Im really angry with the employees

July 25th