The State Council requires strict implementation of the special transfer payment, and 2 trillion yuan of funds will go directly to cities and counties

 The State Council requires strict implementation of the special transfer payment, and 2 trillion yuan of funds will go directly to cities and counties

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Strictly implement special transfer payment

According to the plan, a total of 2 trillion yuan of new fiscal deficit and special anti epidemic treasury bonds will be added this year, which should go directly to cities and counties, support local governments in implementing measures to help small, medium and micro enterprises, individual businesses and people in difficulties that are most affected by the epidemic situation, strengthen infrastructure construction such as public health, and spend money on epidemic prevention.

Li Keqiang stressed that it is necessary to rectify the wind and discipline, strengthen supervision over the use of funds, and effectively improve the accuracy and timeliness of the implementation of the relief policy.

All regions and relevant departments should strictly implement the special transfer payment mechanism, so as to make the new financial funds stick to the bottom and quickly implement effective measures.

This is a reform, which will not only make major adjustments to the pattern of interests, but also prevent leakage and reduce the risk of corruption. Governments at all levels should resolutely live a tight life, be thrifty and frugal, spend money on the edge, and give full support to the employment, livelihood and market players. Li Keqiang said.

In order to promote the safe and efficient use of funds, the Ministry of finance has developed a direct fund monitoring system connecting all levels of finance. By adopting the method of separate release, separate identification and separate scheduling, the whole process monitoring of the whole chain can be realized. From the source to the end, one pole is inserted to the end to ensure clear accounting and clear flow direction. An early warning mechanism is established in the system to remind local authorities to correct violations in time.

In addition, the monitoring system is also open to the audit and other relevant departments and local authorities to meet the information needs of relevant departments and local supervision.

He Daixin, deputy director of the Financial Research Office of the Institute of financial strategy, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said in an interview with the daily economic news that the provincial, municipal and county-level finance are now facing varying degrees of difficulties. The special transfer payment mechanism from the central government to the local government is innovative. It crosses the provincial level and goes directly to cities and counties to reduce financial losses and improve capital efficiency, It is also helpful for funds to directly support the micro entities at the municipal and county levels, which also puts forward new requirements for the current financial operation and management.

Continue to untie and reduce the burden for the grassroots

Whoever dares to use public funds to protect the basic peoples livelihood and engage in corruption should be severely punished and never tolerated. Li Keqiang pointed out that in thinking about problems, making decisions and doing things, governments at all levels should adhere to the principle of proceeding from reality, truly and objectively reflect the situation, take effective measures in a timely manner, and be good at solving problems and risks by means of reform, and carry out work creatively. We should continue to loosen the ties and reduce the burden for the grass-roots units, consolidate the achievements of refined culture and reduce the association, and let the majority of grass-roots cadres concentrate on their work.

Government functionaries at all levels should be accustomed to performing their duties under supervision and restraint, be honest in performing their duties, and work diligently and conscientiously for the people. It is necessary to comprehensively promote epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, earnestly do a good job in flood control and disaster relief and work safety, and strive to complete the annual economic and social development goals and tasks.