Four months after she left, her wife had a new girlfriend, and the neighbor accidentally broke the secret

 Four months after she left, her wife had a new girlfriend, and the neighbor accidentally broke the secret

Life is too short, a careless, love this thing is gone.

I have a distant relative, a cousin.

As soon as the review report came out, people were panicked, especially in her family.

Because the family has just married their two sons. After the marriage, there is not much money in the family.

The only consolation for her is not from her husband, but from the factory where she has worked for many years.

The factory owner said to her, sister, dont be afraid. How much money you spend on this disease, we have to treat it well, and we cant give up!

My cousin has worked in the factory for more than 20 years and has contributed a lot to the boss. She has even saved the crisis in the factory many times and has made great contributions.

It can be said that half of this factory is attributed to my cousin. In addition, my cousin is modest and not proud of her merits. Therefore, the boss respects my cousin very much.

The boss attached great importance to love and righteousness. During the treatment period of my cousin, he took out 150000 yuan at his own expense, saying that it represented the heart of their factory and told my cousin to accept it.

Aunt and uncles feelings, we all said very good, he is very painful cousin.

I have two sons with my cousin, both of whom have been married. During the period of my cousins treatment, I have tried my best to take care of them.

Unfortunately, the time of discovery of the disease was too late. After treatment, my cousin died.

It can be said that he left with regret. He finally brought up his two sons and helped them to establish a family and business. He was waiting for his grandson to be born. Before his grandson was born, his cousin died in a hurry.


Three months after his cousins death, his uncle seemed to have changed his face. He began to make frequent blind dates and ask people to introduce him.

After listening to this, many people were filled with regret that their cousins had left too early to enjoy a good life. As soon as they left, their wives wanted to find new people to take over.

Originally thought, just met, did not think, this new object soon lived in the uncles house, officially confirmed the relationship.

The plot of the TV series seems to be the portrayal of real life, which makes people feel deeply.

At that time, I was in the next ward with my cousin. This new man took care of the sick family members in the hospital. I ran into my uncle several times, and they fell in love with each other.

In order to avoid being called ungrateful, they didnt get together immediately after their cousin left.

My uncle probably felt that after a few months, there was no news, and it was more appropriate to be together again, so that he would not be afraid of being scolded by others.

However, unexpectedly, no airtight wall, or was found.


Think about it is really not worth for my cousin, she is fighting with death, desperately want to survive.

Her pillow person, but already derailed others, the heart is not in her body.

As for the new man, I dont know if she is interested in his uncles merits, his money or something else.

But she didnt seem to realize:

This man, since he can do something bad when his wife is seriously ill, how can she believe that this man will never leave her in the future? Will you be in the same boat?

In case of an accident, could she have a second cousin? Will be abandoned by this man?

Everyone has his own choice, adult, there is no absolute standard of right and wrong.

However, everything should be worthy of their own conscience, and be responsible for their own choice in the end.

Zengguanxian Wen says: one day husband and wife, hundred generations of marriage. Hundred generations of cultivation come to the same boat, and thousands of generations to sleep together.

Life is just a few decades, I wish each of us can find a good man, holding the hand of the son and grow old together.

As a woman, life in the world, you must live well, love yourself, strive to embrace every day of life, to live happily.


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