They wear professional X every day. How can you win

 They wear professional X every day. How can you win

Thats it. Ill put it on and smell it!

It is said that the Hangzhou womens missing case in which the whole people participated in reasoning has finally come to an end. But no one thought that such a bad case would become a new stem in a part of the population.

In a funny short video about the couples daily life, the comment area is full of shocking threats

Your husbands meat grinder is going to order

Two water warnings

Know about septic tanks

It seems that Xu Guolis arrest is not the final outcome, but the real victory is to control women by means of personal security threats. The gushing out of these remarks may be more terrible than the murder and dismemberment.

After the case was solved, the group began to intimidate the female carnival. Some people seem to have got a new sharp weapon to fight against others, just like a repeater. They preach the philosophy of meat grinder, septic tank and two tons of water on various platforms.

Thats enough, silly fork. Dont scare women with murders. Shes your mother, wife, daughter, aunt, grandmother, mother-in-law

I sincerely hope that we will not rise to the group because of individual cases. It is not allowed to engage in gender antagonism.

There are many happy marriages in the world, although there are also so many widowed marriages and corpse pretending marriages However, the fear of marriage, men and women should not become the mainstream of public opinion.

Malice should not be packaged as a joke.

Second elder martial brother, accept the magic power!

The joke in your mouth is vital to her life and death. Those who take the case as a joke are really extremely low in IQ and EQ.

In our generation, when we were in high school in the 1980s, the old people in our family or the next door neighbors would often say in their ears that they would like to go to medical school, because DNA can still be found after hundreds of years and thousands of years. Therefore, there are doctors among the relatives, and they will always be useful in the future.

In addition, my second brother should advise you to treat those people around you who have rich media resources, even we media. Its hard to say what these idle friends will help you in the future, after you have reunited with your ex boyfriend, and when you are invited by younger generations to climb mountains.

Because, in the secret corner, there must be some mysterious power.

Sometimes, if you want to see the world clearly, you have to keep a certain distance from it. If you want to see how a fool pretends to lose himself, you have to go up to the tree and watch them.

Under the tree, you cant see their silly appearance, and you cant see your own silly appearance at the same time.

They never really see the world clearly, even more blurred than their childhood self. They drifted away in the guise. People cant see their faces clearly. If you really hate peoples faces, you go up the tree and jump out of the fence so that you can look down on the whole circle.

If you dont want to go to the tree, hang your heart on the tree. On the one hand, you wont suffer from being forced by others. On the other hand, you can avoid the pain of heart cage.

If you scold others for pretending to be forced, but you cant pretend to be forced at the same time, and you learn to dress and force at the same time, you cant help you.

I remember a host said: when you are a spicy pot, dont try to make yourself sweet. When you are a watermelon, dont try to make yourself bitter, because how can you win the good people in that field.

They wear professional clothes every day. How can you win them.

I saw a sentence on the microblog, which is a good illustration of this point: the role of the Internet was originally to let the frog at the bottom of the well open his eyes and get to know the world outside the wellhead. However, the actual situation is that thousands of frogs at the bottom of the well know each other, identify with each other and affirm each other through the Internet. After long-term communication, they reach a consensus that the world is only as big as the wellhead

But whether they are frogs in the well or not, isnt the whole wind following them?

Of course, it depends on what coordinate system you put in.

Tiktok, who uses his iPhone in a public occasion, is afraid to be afraid of people who do not know that he has done X in several billion businesses. He is not willing to wear Lining for millet.

Later, I thought about it. In fact, he was no different from the uncle who set off firecrackers at the gate of the US Consulate General in Chengdu, and the aunt who issued a battle call. He was no different from those netizens who scolded the street on the consuls wifes microblog.

Its easy to break a mirror, but its not easy to make a new mirror by reconnecting the broken pieces. In a way, each of us, every waking person, is a hostage to these stupid xs.

Silly fork people do not need to pay any cost, as long as set off a firecracker or a muzzle gun, can set off a bloodbath, but they themselves have no damage, and even take advantage of the profits.

Therefore, the next time you really meet someone shouting to kill, you first ask him: if you really want to fight, let you go, do you go?

Finally, I hope that no matter how bad the environment is, you should not be pessimistic, silent or accomplice.

We can be cowardly and timid, but we must not ignore the cruel reality and violate the basic common sense. We can talk nonsense, talk nonsense, fantasize about a wise monarch, morally persuade, and fantasize about getting something for nothing. We should respect common sense, encourage courage, spread the truth and defend conscience.

Adult values should not be so frivolous.