Broken cloud: Yan Yis blind date has been defeated many times. Did you get the most direct reason?

 Broken cloud: Yan Yis blind date has been defeated many times. Did you get the most direct reason?


Strange? Why are such excellent men always defeated and defeated repeatedly in blind dates? Yan Yi was impatient, but Ms. Cuicui put her sons life in the first place. Yan Yi actively cooperated, but why did he eat figs? Of course, he is also single by strength. His straight mans nature is always exposed intentionally or unintentionally. As a result, Han Xiaomei and Yang Mei are all behind him, so that Jiang Ting only smiles bitterly at him. This is not the most direct reason, Yan Yi only knew the reason afterwards.



You see, the blind date Yanji took to the river specially. Jiang Ting is looking for Yang Mei. What combination is this? Yan Yi looked at the direction of Yangmei for dozens of times in a minute. What do you think Yan Ji has in mind for a blind date? Even the blind date girl can see it. Encourage Yan Ji to chase him directly. Yan Yi has not yet understood his heart. He is really a fan of the game and a clear spectator. In those years when Yan Yi and Jiang Ting lived together, their feelings grew with each passing day. Do you still need a blind date at this time? Its all about hiding in the golden house..


Wont you admit it? Thats Yan Jis parents. Ms. Cuicui, you went to see the daughter-in-law happily and only saw Jiang ting. She stretched out her warm hands, but she could only put it down. It suddenly dawned on her why it was useless to introduce her son to a blind date. My sons favorite police flower turns out to be him. OK, OK. As long as the son likes, everything is good. Besides, Jiang Ting is such an excellent person. Since there is Jiang Tings existence, whats the need for Yan Yi to go on a blind date? Even if the blind date continues, the result is no more than that.

That time, Jiang Ting murmured: so you are really single by strength to now. Yan Yi at the beginning of the silence, a few minutes later, this suddenly appeared this sentence: No. Jiang Tings expression is full of question marks. Yan Yi focuses on looking out of the window, but the corner of his eye is gazing at the river stop. After a while, he told the truth: its because I didnt meet someone I really like. Please, some ambiguous words are just flattering and courting. There are also exceptions, some ambiguous words are true. If Yan Yi has true love, how can a blind date succeed?