Wife of he Youqi responds to divorce: dont indulge and aggrieve yourself

 Wife of he Youqi responds to divorce: dont indulge and aggrieve yourself

Qi Jiaos voice

Not long after the statement was issued, former husband Youqi quickly praised it, proving that they had a good relationship. However, you Qi also made a statement later. However, it was obviously different from Qi Jiaos. the sentence decided to handle the divorce procedures several months ago was changed to completed the divorce procedures a few months ago in your version. Have they completed or are they still going through the divorce procedures?

And they also showed pictures of sunflowers. The flower language of sunflowers means bravely pursue the life you like and silent love, which seems to imply their present situation.

After the statement was issued, many netizens discussed it. Qi Jiao strongly supported Youqis good character in the message area. She hoped that you would not attack any party again: thank you for your concern and support. Children are the most important thing to me. Orlando is also a very good person. I hope everyone will not attack any party again. The world is beautiful and the time is short. We should cherish every moment of the moment, do not indulge in wronging ourselves ~ live a good day, full of positive energy.

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