Who says I cant get married: when I meet the right person at the right time, how can I hold happiness firmly in my hand

 Who says I cant get married: when I meet the right person at the right time, how can I hold happiness firmly in my hand

Once upon a time, I said, who says I cant get married. this is not what every woman has the guts to say. After all, marriage involves two people. Prerequisite, you have to meet this talent line. Then, the two people are thinking: how to work together, together, so that this relationship can last forever and always new. We must know that the outside world is wonderful and the outside world is helpless. Dont get married without that determination and courage. Otherwise, marriage is also the fate of divorce. Cheng Lu thought it out and insisted on a blind date.


There is nothing wrong with a blind date. Meeting the right person is the beginning of success. However, leftover women should have a deep understanding. This blind date seems to be very pleasant at first. If you look at it, you will feel that this is not so good and that is not so. It may have only seen a few, but there is no need to develop. Cheng Lu and Ma Bao Nan, and Xiao Xianrou, all try to communicate deeply. So, how can happiness be firmly grasped in your own hands? Take a look at how Wei Juan taught Cheng Lu. His on-site analysis and interpretation are very lovely.


And, you just think about who says I cant get married - Im afraid, its really easy to make a prophecy. A lot of people often say: I dont want to marry. Just dont want to marry someone you dont love. Now, the one you love is standing in front of you. Do you think you can get married if you want to? I cant say it, because you dont know what the other person thinks. The other party may not be able to get it, and the other party may choose to avoid it strategically. Well, your dream is in vain, your plan is in vain. Its useless to play wishful thinking. You have to have rice to cook.


In who said I couldnt get married, Cheng Lu later found out that she missed too much. Fortunately, she woke up in time and turned back in time. Is Wei Juan still waiting for her? Its her happiness that no one can take away. Its not her happiness. It cant be traced back. When you meet the right person at the right time, happiness in your hand requires you not only to know what you need, but also to know what the other party needs. Only with mutual accommodation and mutual support can this relationship really blossom and bear fruit. In fact, watching TV can be enlightening