Just 30: someone moved your marriage cheese. Whats the most cruel way to deal with her

 Just 30: someone moved your marriage cheese. Whats the most cruel way to deal with her


No small three, chiseled on the forehead I am a small three these words. As for men, there is a lack of resistance to these things. So, Xiao San is like this silent attack into your marriage fortress. From the inside, it will disintegrate you directly. The one who betrays Xiaosans ingenuity is just an orange with extraordinary appearance but high price. Gu Jia gives Xu Huashan a visit and sees him peeling oranges in the company. The husband replied casually: Li can give, say is complement vitamin C Who is Li Ke? The female employees of the company are pretty good-looking.


Please believe that a womans sixth sense will never be allergic for no reason. Gu Jia went to a supermarket to find the same oranges and found that they were 25 yuan each! Gu Jia quietly bought a box of oranges of the same type and asked Xu Huashan to take it back to the company for you to have a taste. A few days later, my husband went home after working overtime. Xu Fanshan has eaten, and Li Ke gives him the rice he has brought. Its delicious. Xu said Li keting has a sense of responsibility and may be under too much pressure. When it comes to work, I cry. The next day, Gu Jia bought the same orange and took it to the company one by one.

Did you find out? At this time, Xu Huashan was enthusiastic and kind to Li Ke. But Gu Jia already knew what kind of calculation the other side was trying to make, and these same oranges failed to alert the other party. All right, the main palace is going to do it directly. She went to Li Ke with an orange and asked, how much do you earn a month now? Li Ke replied, six thousand a month. Gu Jia seemed to point out, are you willing to buy 25 yuan oranges for 6000 yuan? Mr. Xu said you know how to eat. It seems true. If you put your mind on your work, you can get a rapid rise in wages. What do you say?



In the workplace, such women are not allowed. On the love field, even more can not tolerate such a fox spirit. Gu Jia hands li ke a written resignation letter and asks her to sign off. In order to prevent Li Ke from doing evil secretly, Gu Jia offered to give her two months salary and write a letter of recommendation for her. If Li Ke still refuses to let go, she is too ungrateful. No, Gu Jia successfully asked Li Ke to leave.. No one wants to touch her piece of marriage cheese. What if the intruder really appears? Well get rid of it. Absolutely can not tolerate, do not leave hidden danger to oneself!


Gu Jia seems to have kept her marriage cheese, but the relationship between husband and wife is more or less affected. Oh, and cherish it!