Recitation: carrying a summer flower, floating fragrance

 Recitation: carrying a summer flower, floating fragrance

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Warm summer, flowers brew fragrance, wearing a gauze, walking under the lilac tree, that dense fragrance, like Acacia boundless, lingering in this fragrant summer.

Looking at the distant mountains, the flowers bloom into a picture. The past like flowers is stirred by a trace of shadow. I dance in the sea of flowers following the purple fragrance, and let all my thoughts dissipate into the clouds in the flower Lane in June.

When time is turned into scriptures, there are always warm pictures to decorate and beautiful scenery to collect. The green mountains and green water is a trace of clarity in the bottom of my heart; the gurgling water is a cool touch of warm summer. There is nothing in life that cant be overcome. As long as you can quietly smell the flowers and enjoy the flowers blooming, all the troubles stored in your heart will float over your heart like petals. The fragrance will dye the heart and dissipate the haze.

Always let go of all the past blue sky.

Looking up, the touch of tenderness in my heart, and the lightness in my brow, wrapped with the fragrance of flowers, engraved a beautiful landscape in my eyes. LiuNian is a song that we sing while walking, and the singing of years is our ultimate conversion.

Deep in time, brew a cup of butterfly rain, condense all the fragrance into a fragrant tea, and drink it with Qinghuan in every afternoon of solitude. Think of it, it is the most comfortable moment. People live, in addition to busy running, occasionally also slow down the pace, remember to have a look around the beautiful. Those casual miss, often have the most beautiful Qinghuan.

Clouds are clothes, water is high. I wait in a curtain dream, writing the story of the four seasons of life. The wind blows gently, and whispers my thoughts about flowers; the lake looks at me quietly, and she reflects the green and red flowers into the most beautiful picture, silent with the blue sky and white clouds, but echoes with each other.

In order to follow the fragrance of this seasons flowers, bees and butterflies also began to accompany each other and dance lightly. They cross the sea of flowers, embrace the fragrance of flowers, they do not want to be tired, nor give up. Only hard work, can we feel the sweetness of life; let the flowers bloom in the heart, the mood can fly like a butterfly.

Flowers have no language, and their fragrance is as good as before. The wind of the season moistens the eyes, through the gap of the fleeting years, and I would like to place myself in the depth of a summer flower, the faint fragrance floating. Book a beautiful ink smoke, let the light ink dye sleeves, let the heart often with flowers, keep the warmth of the mind.

Facing the wind, cut a period of plain white time, the most beautiful scenery of the four seasons, bound into a volume. Let life go through the four seasons like a song, out of the mountains and rivers.

Xialai depicts colorful colors, lively and lovely notes, full of vigor and vitality, and the joy of Yunshui Zen heart. With the verdant summer, accompanied by the fragrance of summer, let us swing the oars of time, rowing the waves of the years, in the direction of dreams, sail in the navigation of life, blooming invincible.

The authors introduction: Xin Rou, formerly known as Tan Chengyan, has published prose anthologies like water in the heart and long time without panic. The official account is XRxinyu, XRweiwenxue. Wechat xrwx6688899. This article starts from Bai Cao Yuan, please reply reprint in the background.

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