Flow rate? Fresh meat? Bad movies? This time, the fresh meat is finally unconventional!

 Flow rate? Fresh meat? Bad movies? This time, the fresh meat is finally unconventional!

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Crossing the line of fire was launched. To tell you the truth, I didnt even have the motivation to open it at the beginning. After all, Wu Lei, who is famous for his Langya Bang and only plays bad movies, is starring in the idol group Lu Han, who sings flow and fresh meat. In addition, the play is adapted from the game E-sports theme, looking at the face, there is no doubt that the bad film!

Crossing the line of fire is different from the previous E-sports theme. Two male masters are in two disjoint time lines, two space-time, two parallel lines.

Lu Xiaobei, played by Wu Lei, is a senior high school student living in 2019. A traffic accident disabled his legs and spent 10 years in a wheelchair. Because he was nurtured by his brother who loves playing games since childhood, games have become the only driving force for his life. With his brothers dream, he wants to win the national championship for his dead brother.

Xiao Feng, played by Lu Han, is a social animal who lives in 2008. He has no job and no money. His ex girlfriend broke up with him because he is not engaged in business. In other peoples eyes, he is the representative of playing with things and losing ambition. He takes his brothers everywhere to play games for primary school students, win some money, and muddle along. I dream of leading the whole team to the national championship one day.

The two had nothing to do with each other. The only thing they had in common was that they loved to play CF, which they didnt understand. They both had the dream of winning the national championship, and they both had their own inner persistence.

Lu Xiaobei is very talented, and he is very good at crossing the fire line. He planned to sign the club with his strength. Unexpectedly, the number of signed contracts has been set internally. Moreover, the clubs internal staff warned Lu Xiaobei not to break the rules and let him lose the match to the internal staff. Naturally, Lu Xiaobei was unconvinced and young. He won the championship at one stroke. He naively thought that the club would follow the rules When he signed him, he did not expect the club to bite back, saying that he cheated in the game and abetted other players to testify, which made him not only lose the opportunity to sign the club, but also made him unable to have the qualification to be signed in the circle.

Xiao Feng, who has been fighting through the fire line for many years and won the champion in the city, is a little famous in the circle. However, the departure of his teammates and the incomprehension of his parents brought him back to his original form, which made him feel how ridiculous and impractical his dream of E-sports was. Finally, after his fathers injury and his teammates girlfriends conversation, he decided not to be willful any more, and took his parents wishes for him Lets have a good life. So his father introduced him to the work of public institutions. He went to work in a suit every day. In the eyes of outsiders, this is a serious life and a normal life. However, he still opens the game every night and enters the world he loves, but he is far away from the world he loves.

One of the praiseworthy points of the TV series crossing the line of fire is grounding. In life, many people have a dream of E-sports, but in the end, they are defeated by reality and have to return to the way their parents expect and play a good role in life. Lu Xiaobei and Xiao Fengs experience is not compiled for nothing, it is the epitome of countless real life.

Games are more or less stigmatized in life. Even though E-sports has been recognized as a formal sport by the General Administration of sport of China since 2008, E-sports is still the culprit of no learning and no skills in the eyes of parents.

With dreams and persistence in the game, there are two people who work hard. In this way, through the same game, two time and space are linked by the online world. You have not heard wrong. This is still a Chuanyue opera. Looking back at the title of crossing the line of fire, we can see that it is not only the name of a game, but also the meaning of crossing.

How do they operate through the game? Specifically, two people log in to the game interface at the same time, and only in the game, there is no soul wear or human wear Sao operation. As for what they did after crossing, please refer to I want to see you. To be honest, the suspense part is really similar to the routine of I want to see you, both of which are for saving people and are parallel to the timeline.

Well, later on, lets talk about the game part. I dont like to play games like crossing the line of fire, because I feel dizzy from the first person perspective, so I havent played eating chicken, but I cant stand it. I have a younger brother who loves playing games. In my impression, he played crossing the line of fire, and I watched the excitement nearby.

The reduction degree of the game in the TV can be called perfect. It can restore the map in a certain way, not to mention the sound effect and the picture sense of the game, which makes people look very real. The first angle of view makes people feel like a substitute. The shooting scene is thrilling and exciting, and the adrenaline is soaring.

Of course, there are also some embarrassments. For example, in the first and second episodes, although the opening game scene is gripping, it cant hold up the boast of Xiao Fengs bicycle chasing the wedding car. There is also a big play that is humiliated by her ex girlfriends present husband. How can we say that although there is no promotion for the plot, we can take this opportunity to sympathize with the situation of the man.

Believe me, as long as you get through the first two episodes, youll be interested in watching it later. The two biggest points of the play are about the inner suffering and growth of E-sports people, and breaking the prejudice of E-sports in peoples hearts. Burning is not only the theme of young people, but also the theme of competition.

I still remember the whole net Carnival when Ig won the hero League global champion. Its time to correct the name of E-sports, but E-sports dream should not be an excuse for Internet addicts. The game is tens of millions. Even if you play well, there is only one champion! Study hard! Boy! When the game is not a way to go, you at least have to learn this retreat to go!

Lu Han and Wu Lei made me look at each other with a new look this time, especially Lu Han, who lost his idol burden can become a better one.

Hope that fresh meat will receive more good plays in the future. Not all fresh meat dramas are rotten, at least crossing the line of fire is not!