For the rest of your life, put away your kindness

 For the rest of your life, put away your kindness

The better you treat him, the more he pushes.

The better you treat him, the less you cherish him.

You think its time that changes a person, but you forget that some peoples nature is so thin and cool. In fact, he doesnt care about your good or bad, but its you who are sentimental.

For women, cheating men dont have to be nice to them.

In the letter received by Mingyi, there are too many female friends betrayed by their marriage. They either cry for divorce, but tell themselves that they should endure for the sake of family and children. Or start to endure, just because they do not have the financial capacity. And most of them turn a blind eye and think that one day Ill die a junior

Poor women, even in order to save their marriage, learn to dress up to please men, learn to deliver three meals a day to the case, want to retain the heart of men through the stomach, but forget that for a cheating man, what he wants is always fresh, not your good.

Many people believe that a friend is an indispensable existence in life, so when they get together, they will pay with sincerity and only hope for more sisters and more brothers.

However, some friends, when you have something, he will never be there, pretend to be mute, far away from you. Once you are in power, or when he is in trouble, he will call you sister, brother. Please believe that he has no sincerity for you.

A smile on his face, a stumbling block under his feet, a bowl of water in the open and a knife in the dark.

For the rest of your life, learn to consider your circle of friends. You dont have to be polite to this kind of person. You should delete it.

In life, we can not escape a relationship, called relatives.

Father generation, mother family, everywhere, there are many relatives.

Most of the time, these relatives do not bring you happiness, but constantly add trouble to you. Even when you are in trouble, you dont know it and think you should, who calls us a family..

When you are a family, if you cant do it, you are not attentive. Its better to break such a relative, even if he will scold you for not talking about family relationship. Its better to keep disturbing you in the future.

A gentleman should be careful in his choice and stay away from poisonous animals.

After all, learning to live for the sake of the overall situation is not only for the sake of the whole life, but also for the whole life.