Fortunately, I married him at that time. the golden age of a man is 30 years old. I hope you can find a good man

 Fortunately, I married him at that time. the golden age of a man is 30 years old. I hope you can find a good man

The reason is no more than that, they think the two people do not match each other, and the economic conditions of cousins family are relatively good.

My cousin is a graduate student from a famous school. Obviously, she can find a better one in the south. Why did she find a poor boy in a remote area like my brother-in-law.

At the same time, there are also some people who think that they can support them. Everything is possible when they are young. Dont look down on others.

After getting along with my brother-in-law, my cousin felt that her brother-in-law has a good character, has ideas, is self-motivated and has a pattern.

At that time, when my cousin took her brother-in-law home to see her parents, the second uncle privately said to his mother, such a good boy, did your daughter dig three feet to find it?

When my cousin and brother-in-law got married, they didnt have a house or a car, and they still rented a house.

They all rely on themselves, did not seek financial help from cousins family.

At that time, they had just graduated two years ago, and their brother-in-laws salary was lower than my cousins, and their little savings were used for marriage.

However, they spent three years, with the best results, slapping their relatives and friends at that time.

Two people work together, married a year to buy a house, two years to buy a car, three years to have children.

From then on, everyone no longer said that her brother-in-law was not good, and the painting style in the family had changed. She praised her sisters good taste at that time, and she chose a good man.

After solving the major problems, having a house, a car and a baby, my brother-in-law encouraged my cousin not to forget the accumulation of this major and let her continue to work in her major field and continue her further education.

Therefore, it means that he alone has taken on the burden of supporting his family. They are like wings for each other, working for the common goal, cheering for each others choice, leaning close to each other, and striving to fly.

Fortunately, for more than two years, I have been studying day and night, and I have been getting feedback. My cousins achievements in professional field are more and more seen.

At the same time, the salary income has also been steadily increased, and the family economic burden has been eased.

I got a lot of healing from my injury in my native family since I married him. I have more and more courage to respect and express myself.

Her parents, when she was a child, often quarreled, which led to her cousin having to learn to observe her words and expressions at a young age, fearing that her parents would scold her for saying something wrong.

When she grew up, she did not dare to express her needs. She was afraid of being suppressed and ridiculed.

Fortunately, after being with her brother-in-law, she reconciled with her childhood self. Finally, she was able to be a person who dared to express herself.

A good marriage can often make the other person a better person and be a real self. Just like my cousin and brother-in-law, one has made outstanding achievements in the professional field, the other has become the companys sales champion through sales, and has managed his life.

Some single girls once said: cant find a good man, as if all good men have been picked away.

In fact, whether a man is good or not depends not on what others say, but on his own needs.

The trough of mens life is probably between 25 and 28 years old. In this period of time, whether it is money or career, they may be in a stage of preparation, and it is not easy to make achievements.

What kind of advantages do you want, and the other person just has them, thats just fine.

You want, the other party does not have, even if this person has a lot of advantages, it may not be suitable for you.

Choose what you care about most, give up some not so perfect, and make some choices. This is the best.


Author: tease, focus on the study of sexual marriage.