Boys like your n kinds of performance

 Boys like your n kinds of performance


Active contact you, positive reply you

If a boy really likes you, he will take the initiative to look for you, waiting for your reply, as long as the mobile phone is around, he will reply you as soon as possible.

Like a person is a pleasure at first sight, but completely like a person, must want to understand deeply, and do not let the other party feel uncomfortable.

The person who really likes you has a high frequency of returning to you, because he is always waiting for your news.

The person who really wants to be with you often comes to you, because he knows that giving is more important than verbal love.


It will make you feel at ease

I remember that when I first fell in love with my partner, I was very sad when I heard about his predecessor, but I didnt ask. After all, we also know that there is no answer to this topic.

For a long time, he seemed to be aware of my careful thinking.

Later, he just took my thumb and set the password in the phone. He told me, you can look at my mobile phone in the future. I hope there is no secret between us. Although he still doesnt want to mention his past, if I know it, I think he will tell me the truth.

So from that moment on, I really put all my doubts behind me and replaced it with peace of mind.


From then on, you are his Princess

Psychologist William James said: the deepest human need may be to feel appreciated by others.

Ive seen a lot of failed relationships, mostly because one partner is too humble to find identity with the other.

So one wanted it urgently, and the other couldnt give it at all. At last, he found that the two feelings were not mutually agreeable, so he had to beat two pieces.

And whats the man youre so fascinated with that you love so much?

I think its no problem to say its a fan. He will think you are all right, your eyes and nose are just right, angry is lovely, willful is naive, clumsy must be born Princess life.

He thought of the satisfied squirrel who had stocked up his rations before winter, and could not help showing off his treasure in the streets. He touched the squirrel in the palm of his hand for fear of losing it.

So, dont say eat the bowl, look at the pot is a common problem of men, in fact, just because you are not his good medicine.


No longer romantic people, if he really like you, think of you, will slowly change.

From being able to use dry words, to be able to make facial language, suddenly from a straight man into a small milk dog.

He will take you to the cinema, holding your coquettish, not like that big man, and this will only appear in front of you.

The people who love you must be lovely, because they will try their best to please you, even if they release their childlike inner feelings.

There is a child in the heart of a boy. It depends on whether he wants to show it to you.

The boy who completely loves you is always mature and childish. He will protect you, spoil you, guard you and play coquettish on you.

Love, is to become cute together, lovely this word, not only belongs to girls, but also belongs to boys.


Love vinegar, second change vinegar essence

I see a question in Zhihu: what kind of experience is it to have a super jealous boyfriend?

The following is a heart piercing message about a boys jealous saying: ah, who is he and why he talks to you? Who are you going out with today? Men and women?

But then one day, he no longer care about these, you found that you really lost him.

When you really like a person, most of them have a possessive desire. He always behaves like a little vinegar. I think he loves you badly.


You are in the plan for the future

What I fear most is that one is planning the future and the other is preparing to leave.

If he really loves you, he will give you a future that can be imagined and realized.

He will plan well, even if the plan doesnt keep up with the changes.

He will change from extravagance to frugality, just to give you a home.

He will take the initiative to bear more family burden, because he wants to protect you and give you a good life.

He will give priority to the wishes of your family. He will always remember what he promised you. He will not break his promise easily and will not care about what he has paid for you.

A big boy will change a lot for the girl she loves.

It is said that love is a university. In fact, love only teaches you how to love and how to be loved; how to learn to be responsible and to be cared for.


Of course, in addition to the above performances, if a boy really likes you, he will show you these performances:

Willing to pay you, stick to you, consciously refuse temptation for you, will coax you, will make you happy, will be soft, will not cold war with you, will remember your habits, will want to protect you, become your armor

So the whole life is very long, we must find a man who really loves you.

Of course, if a boy does this to you, please dont let him down. You should also give him the same love. In this way, he wont feel that his feelings and sincerity are not let down, and your feelings will be more long-term and continuous.