Only 30 Mao Xiaotongs divorce: dont believe its the same with anyone who marries

 Only 30 Mao Xiaotongs divorce: dont believe its the same with anyone who marries

Chen Yu can raise goldfish at home, but Xiaoqin cant keep a cat at home;

Xiaoqin gave up the baby, but Chen Yu didnt have any consolation. Instead, the goldfish at home died, and he was furious with Xiaoqin and his mother-in-law;

Xiaoqin doesnt know from which day, there is no nonsense on the phone and no expression pack in wechat. All three rounds of communication will end within five words.

Xiaoqins birthday, Chen Yu not only did not give Xiaoqin any surprise, did not even buy a gift, there are a lot of reasons for Xiaoqin to lose temper, said she was sick, should see a doctor.

I really want to ask, is this what a husband should say?

Therefore, after a long time, Xiaoqin finally couldnt stand this mode of getting along with each other. She was hurt. She couldnt feel the love and warmth in Chenyu. After enough disappointment, she left.

And when she and Chen Yu filed for divorce, Chen Yu had no trace of remorse and retention. She resolutely said that she would meet at the door of the Civil Affairs Bureau at 8:00 tomorrow morning and handle the divorce.

Imagine, such a man really love Zhong Xiaoqin?

I remember Zhong Xiaoqin said a line before his divorce from Chen Yu

Therefore, an imperfect marriage will always make you miserable and make you no longer believe that its the same to marry anyone. Its really different.


We had dinner with Tong Tong yesterday. During our chat, her husband frequently called to ask when she would go home.

At that time, I joked with her and said: how can a big man still cling to people like this?

Tongtong laughed at me and said that his husband had a habit of going out for a walk after dinner in the evening. Every time I have to pull her together and talk for another two hours.

I asked her curiously: what are you talking about?

Tongtong sighed. Under her helpless expression, I saw a steady happiness.

She said that her husband has just been a manager for a long time. He is inexperienced and has a little pressure. He often has unnecessary friction with his colleagues in his work.

So when he got home, he would tell her about his loss and frustration of the day.

Tongtong will listen to him carefully every time. Even if she only hears about the matter, she will try her best to bring comfort to her husband.

I asked her again: does your husband complain like this every time?

Tong Tong told me that when he just graduated from school to apply for a job, he also kept interviewing and was repeatedly frustrated. Has been relying on the encouragement of the other side, just slowly walked to today.

Therefore, the two of them think from the bottom of their hearts that if they choose to live together for a lifetime, they should first work together to resist the pressure brought about by reality, and then they can build dreams together.

And behind their two marriages, I also saw something valuable.

Even if Tong Tong, who was the boys active pursuit, not only regarded her as a goddess, but also took every care in her life.

But Tongtong did not enjoy the success, but chose to give back the same love to the lover in the future.

It turns out that marriage is never one person in love, while another enjoys being loved. Marriage is two people supporting and caring for each other.

It is not like the Zhong Xiaoqin and his wife in just 30, who quarrel over little things all day long without good communication and tolerance from one party. How can such a marriage last?


For happiness, she said

Colleagues suddenly realized: you must be looking for a good home.

No, she said

At this time, the colleague used the tone of the past to persuade her: marriage is such a thing, even if you change another, can you guarantee that the next is the right person?

She replied, youre right. I cant guarantee that the next one is right, but I can guarantee that this one is wrong.

Only by putting down the wrong can we have a chance to find the right one.

The reason why she divorced her husband was that in her marriage with her husband, she thought that it would be very suitable for them to get acquainted with each other because of their blind date. However, the relationship based on the premise of suitability would be extremely difficult in the process of getting along with each other.

Because all the emotional marriage will be attributed to the firewood, rice, oil and salt, three meals a day. If you dont love each other, what you see in the bottles and jars of life will be the shortcomings of the other party: you dont like the order of his cooking and seasoning, and youll be upset when you look at his sleeping posture. Even the way he laughs, you feel rustic.

You tell me, how do you get to the end?

Marriage is not necessarily for happiness, but divorce must be. So, dont believe its the same with anyone who marries. Some people pull you back to the world through the 18 layers of hell, and some people drag you from heaven to 18 layers of hell. Can this be the same?

Meet the wrong person, your love and marriage will only get worse and worse, meet the right person, will become better every day.

If you choose to marry a person, you will choose to marry a way of life. If people are different, will the way of life be the same?

Interesting people can explore the mysteries of the world with you; mature people can make you a little princess for a lifetime; but if you find a person who is depressed and depressed all day, who doesnt feel love to you at all, quarrels with you all day long, and the three views are inconsistent, will your love really last for a long time?

Therefore, dont believe in the lies that its the same to marry anyone. Only when you stand high can you look far away and appreciate more scenery.

It really matters what kind of person to marry.

It can almost determine your life, your every choice, your state of mind.

You have no right to decide the height of your birth, but you have the right to decide who you stand next to and your circle of friends.

Choose the person who brings you up to be your friend, and the person who takes you to see the world as your partner.

Believe me, you will not live too badly.