In the first half of this year, we will lose more than 100 million yuan in advance. Will you eat Quanjude roast duck?

 In the first half of this year, we will lose more than 100 million yuan in advance. Will you eat Quanjude roast duck?

In the face of Quanjudes low head in terms of price, many consumers still said: its too late for Quanjude to think of embracing public consumption and Quanjude roast duck is exclusive for tourists. However, some consumers also said that they will consider eating Quanjude again because of the lower price of dishes.

On July 25, shell finance reporter of Beijing News learned from the staff of Wangfujing store and Hepingmen store in Quanjude, Beijing that the price of Quanjude began to reduce in the early stage of the epidemic. We changed the menu, and accordingly, the price was lower than before. For example, before the roast duck, it was 258 yuan and 288 yuan, and now it is 258 yuan and 278 yuan. On this basis, we also give a 10% discount.

During the period of the epidemic, all the service fees in our halls and private rooms were not charged. It started from March and April.

In terms of passenger flow, the shop assistants of the above two stores said that there was a significant increase, but this increase was also the result of multiple factors, such as after the announcement of general manager Zhou Yanlong yesterday, more people knew about the price reduction of dishes, now the epidemic situation has improved, there are more people going out to eat, today is Saturday, etc.

In the first half of the year, Quanjude announced the cancellation of all store service fees

The whole catering industry has been hit hard by the outbreak of Xinguan epidemic, and Quanjude is also hard to escape.

In the first half of this year, Quanjude is expected to have a net loss of 151.8632 million yuan to 138.8632 million yuan.

Quanjude novel coronavirus pneumonia said that since late January 2020, the companys new food and merchandise sales have been declining due to the new crown pneumonia epidemic. In particular, after the rebound of the epidemic situation in Beijing in the second quarter, the business income of the main stores in Beijing was hit again after a certain recovery. Although the company actively responded to the epidemic situation, it took measures such as increasing online and offline takeout, expanding community consumption, and establishing staple food kitchens, but its operation still suffered a great deal As a result, the recovery degree of operating performance in the reporting period was lower than expected, the operating income decreased significantly, and the net profit showed periodic loss.

On July 24, on the occasion of the 156th anniversary of Quanjude, general manager Zhou Yanlong announced that Quanjude would make three major adjustments: adjusting the price of dishes in the store, reducing the overall price by about 10% to 15%; comprehensively unifying the price and production technology of roast duck; and abolishing all store service fees.

According to the Beijing Daily, the price of dishes has been reduced and the service fee has been cancelled. The purpose is to let consumers feel that the time-honored brands are changing and hope to bring back the flow of passengers. Zhou Yanlong said that post-80s, post-90s and even post-00s are the research objects of Quanjude. He hopes that young people can take Quanjude as an option for dining. On the first floor of Hepingmen store, Quanjude has opened up 600 square meters of space, and will focus on creating a new Chinese style store for young consumers.

Shell finance reporter of Beijing News noticed that as early as August 2017, Quanjude was asked about service fee by investors. At that time, Quanjudes response was: our management of stores is based on the different positioning of stores and classified operation. Some Quanjude stores in the community do not charge service fees. Some big shops charge 10% service fee for dining in the lobby, and private room service The service fee is 15%. Our service charge has a historical origin. It is related to the restaurant environment and service, and consumers can understand it.

In the annual report of 2019, Quanjude has already disclosed its plan to reduce the service fee.

During the epidemic period, all stores of the company are free of service charge and enjoy a 10% discount on roast duck. After the end of the epidemic, the restaurant service fee will be reduced or reduced according to the situation of the stores, the price of fine roast duck will be adjusted appropriately, and the consumption experience of customers will be improved. Quan Jude said.

Today, Quanjude has officially announced the cancellation of service fee. However, some consumers do not seem to buy it. A few days ago, a platform launched a vote on will you go to eat if Quanjude cancels the service fee. Among more than 6000 people who participated in the voting, more than 5000 people chose the option of not to go, bad to eat / should not have been charged.

Some consumers said, Quanjude thought it was too late to embrace public consumption at this time, and some even joked: Quanjude roast duck is exclusive to tourists. However, some consumers said, they will consider eating Quanjude again because of the lower price of dishes.

Of course, if compared with before the epidemic, there are still fewer people. Quanjude store clerk said frankly.

Behind Quanjudes bow down: performance decline year after year

Quanjudes main business is catering service, food processing and sales business. It owns brands such as Quanjude, Fangshan, fengzeyuan and Sichuan Hotel. By the end of 2019, Quanjude has 118 catering stores in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Changchun, including 110 Quanjude brand stores, 1 Fangshan brand store, 5 fengzeyuan brand store and 2 Sichuan hotel brand stores.

Quanjudes performance continued to decline in recent years, which has caused extensive discussion in the industry, and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange has also issued an inquiry letter on Quanjudes annual report.

From 2017 to 2019, Quanjude achieved operating revenue of 1.861 billion yuan, 1.777 billion yuan and 1.566 billion yuan respectively, realized net profits of 136 million yuan, 73 million yuan and 45 million yuan belonging to shareholders of listed companies, 119 million yuan, 57 million yuan and 20 million yuan after deducting non recurring profit and loss, and net cash flow generated from operating activities was 224 million yuan, 80 million yuan and 0.05 billion yuan 6.9 billion yuan.

Therefore, the Shenzhen stock exchange requires Quanjude to explain the reasons for the continuous decline of the companys operating income, net profit, net profit after deducting non-profit and operating cash flow in combination with the companys industry situation, competition pattern, main business development, and changes in the companys gross profit rate, period expenses, and non recurring profit and loss composition in 2019.

On July 6, Quan Jude replied to the inquiry: in the past three years, in the face of the challenges brought by the rapid changes in the catering market demand and consumption structure, the catering industry has become increasingly competitive. The companys catering and food sector have a certain degree of decline, there are many reasons

From an internal point of view, products and services lag behind market demand, especially the rise of post-90s and post-00s consumer groups, and consumer demand is changing rapidly. However, Quanjudes catering and packaged food have such problems as outdated products, insufficient innovation and slow adjustment, especially forming a gap with young customers consumption cognition. Quan Jude explained specifically, from the external point of view, the restaurant business types are more diversified and differentiated, there are many market entrants, and the source of customers in the dinner market is obviously diverted. Quanjude, as a well-known brand in the field of traditional dinner, has not been involved in other catering fields. The business model and product type are single, and the industry expansion is insufficient. Therefore, the passenger flow shows a continuous downward trend. The companys performance and business development are greatly affected.

Quan Jude said: in view of the above problems, the company has started to adjust. As a representative of typical time-honored enterprises, the company will base on the brand advantages of Quanjude, adhere to the road of innovation, take the promotion of traditional culture as the foundation, deeply tap the connotation of traditional culture, strengthen the protection and inheritance of time-honored brands, focus on the creation of classic boutique stores of time-honored brands, and strengthen classified guidance To promote the coordinated development of Quanjude, Fangshan, fengzeyuan and Sichuan Hotel; at the same time, accelerate the development of food industry, and form a pattern of catering business + food industry driven by two wheels and jointly supporting brand development.

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