Illegal restaurants under the Qinhuai River levee: no planning approval procedures after years of operation

 Illegal restaurants under the Qinhuai River levee: no planning approval procedures after years of operation

The picture shows the restaurant still open on July 25

Without planning approval procedures, the restaurant has been operating for many years

The picture shows the demolition site.

On the night of July 26, relevant departments in Nanjing organized the demolition of illegal doors and windows, decoration facilities and brick walls. In order to avoid the possible impact on the settlement and displacement of Qinhuai River levee, the concrete frame of the building is temporarily retained.

Qinhuai River is a tributary on the right bank of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River. With the development of the city, Qinhuai River has become an urban river, which is difficult to be widened and dredged.

Yangjiawei is located in the scenic belt of Qinhuai River in Jiangning District in the southeast of Nanjing city. The restaurants and bars that the public reported were built illegally are under yangjiawei citizen Park and Qinhuai River Levee.

Previously, there were media reports that these bars and restaurants were operating in the belly of the dam. Some operators revealed that the dam often seeps water.

According to the investigation, Nanjing Jiangning urban construction group has implemented the landscape greening project in yangjiawei area since 2011 in order to create the core area of Dongshan sub city and improve the environmental appearance of yangjiawei area. However, the project has only been approved, but has not gone through the approval procedures of planning, land, water conservancy and other relevant departments. In 2012, Jiangning urban construction group widened the original 4.5-meter-wide dike, poured concrete cutoff wall at the foot of the original dike, and built five management rooms with a total area of 4500 square meters relying on the cutoff wall.

As there is no commercial supporting facilities in yangjiawei citizen Park, Jiangning urban construction group reserved one room (about 1000 square meters) as patrol management room in 2013, rented the remaining four rooms (about 3500 square meters) for catering business, and signed lease agreements with five owners in succession. The five owners enjoy two to four years of rent free period, and pay the rent according to the agreement after the expiration.

Jiangning urban construction group originally planned to take the above-mentioned houses as supporting houses for landscape greening projects to go through relevant procedures. However, due to the fact that the building is located in the scope of river management, it is unable to handle land and planning procedures, thus forming the fact of illegal buildings. Therefore, Jiangning urban construction group started the merchant clearance work in May 2018. In the process of retirement, some unreasonable claims have not been met.

The reporter found that as early as 2014, the local media in Nanjing reported that Jiangning urban construction group had no relevant approval procedures to build and rent houses. However, Jiangning urban construction group promised to order the construction team to suspend construction and restart construction after the relevant procedures are improved, but it did not seriously rectify.

The Ministry of water resources sent personnel to verify and the local commission for Discipline Inspection intervened in the investigation

On July 25th, the Water Conservancy Bureau was responsible for investigating the situation according to the relevant regulations, and promptly responding to the relevant media requirements. The discipline inspection and supervision group of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the State Supervision Commission stationed in the Ministry of water resources contacted with the Department of river and lake management to put forward relevant opinions and suggestions. The river and lake management department immediately sent people to Nanjing to investigate and verify the relevant situation.

After media reports caused social concern, Jiangning District Party committee and government ordered relevant departments to verify the media reports; Jiangning urban construction group was instructed to immediately carry out merchant clearance and related building demolition in accordance with relevant laws and regulations and flood control safety work requirements, and organized experts to discuss and formulate rectification plans.

On the afternoon of July 26, the Jiangning District government issued an information circular saying that Jiangning District Party committee and government attached great importance to the matter and immediately investigated and dealt with it. In strict accordance with the Regulations of the peoples Republic of China on river management and other relevant provisions, and in accordance with the requirements of flood control safety work, relevant illegal buildings will be demolished.

At the same time, Jiangning District Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision has stepped into the investigation and will handle the problems found in the investigation in strict accordance with the rules and regulations.

In the evening of the same day, the staff of the river and Lake Management Department of the Ministry of water resources arrived at the yangjiawei site from Beijing, and began to check whether the buildings involved made the levee have potential safety hazards. The staff told reporters that after preliminary judgment, the site of five houses involved occupation of the Qinhuai River embankment, but still need to consult the relevant information, drawings, further investigation before the final conclusion.

Late that night, it was raining on the site, and the construction workers were removing these illegal doors and windows, decoration facilities, brick walls, etc. In order to avoid the possible impact on the settlement and displacement of the Qinhuai River levee, the concrete frame of the building is temporarily reserved and will be disposed after the evaluation and demonstration by professionals.

The management of rivers and lakes and the protection of embankments have laws to abide by

Protecting rivers and lakes and guarding flood control facilities are related to the safety of peoples lives and property and the happy life of the masses. The Party Central Committee attaches great importance to the protection of rivers and lakes, and plans to promote the major reform of the system. In December 2016, the office of the Central Committee of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council issued the opinions on comprehensively implementing the river chief system, which was deliberated and adopted at the 28th meeting of the central leading group for comprehensively deepening reform. The opinions clearly pointed out that it is strictly forbidden to occupy rivers, reclaim lakes, illegally mine sand in various names, and clean up and renovate prominent problems such as indiscriminate occupation and abuse of shoreline, more occupation and less use, and occupation without use, so as to restore the river and lake water area Line ecological function.

As a matter of fact, there are many laws and regulations in our country which have made clear provisions on the management of rivers and lakes. Article 22 of the flood control law of the peoples Republic of China stipulates that it is forbidden to build buildings and structures that hinder flood discharge, dump garbage and dregs, engage in activities that affect the stability of river regime, endanger the safety of river banks and embankments, and other activities that hinder flood discharge in river channels.

Article 24 of the regulations of the peoples Republic of China on the administration of river courses stipulates that it is forbidden to build houses, graze animals, open canals, dig wells, dig pits, bury graves, sun grain, store materials, exploit underground resources, carry out archaeological excavations and carry out market trade activities in Embankments and revetments. For those who violate the regulations, the river course authorities of the local peoples governments at or above the county level may, in addition to ordering them to correct their illegal acts and take remedial measures, also give them a warning, a fine and confiscate their illegal gains; the relevant responsible persons shall be given administrative sanctions by their units or by the competent authorities at a higher level; if a crime is constituted, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

In terms of local laws and regulations, the regulations of Nanjing Municipality on the protection and administration of flood control dykes clearly stipulates that the management scope of the flood dike under the management of the municipal water conservancy administrative department is as follows: the section from Dongshan bridge of Qinhuai River to Sancha River is bounded by the river channel management line (blue line) in the overall planning of Nanjing city; the reach above Dongshan bridge (including Jurong River and Lishui River) is 30 meters away from the foot of backwater slope dike. Within the scope of flood control dike management, it is not allowed to engage in building houses and other activities.

On July 3 this year, 26 illegal fish ponds in the exuberant River Reservoir in Hepu County, Beihai, Guangxi Province, were forcibly demolished in accordance with the law. About 20000 cubic meters of earth was cleared and 1.53 million mu of reservoir area was restored. This is the second round of Qing Dynasty four disorder (occupying, mining, piling and building) in the vigorous river system.

Most of the fish ponds are within the protection scope of the reservoir area, and the storage capacity is seriously damaged, which greatly affects the water storage, flood control and irrigation functions of the reservoir, not only affecting agricultural production and irrigation, but also greatly hindering the normal operation and safety of the reservoir. Introduction to the person in charge of Beihai water conservancy project management station.

On the one hand, the discipline inspection and supervision group of Beihai Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision in the Municipal Water Conservancy Bureau focused on the implementation of the main responsibility, advanced supervision and whole process supervision, and promoted the rectification progress of the list of problems. On the other hand, it went deep into the rural areas to demolish the fish ponds illegally enclosed in the reservoir area, conducted on-the-spot supervision and compacted the responsibilities, which effectively promoted the consolidation work to be carried out.

The four chaos of rivers and lakes is a special action deployed and carried out by the Ministry of water resources nationwide in July 2018. According to relevant laws and regulations, the regulation standards of what to clean up and how to clean up are clarified.

Special action requirements: for those who reclaim rivers and lakes, they should return farmland to rivers and lakes in a planned way, demolish illegal earth embankments, low fences and buildings; for illegal sand mining, always keep high pressure; for disorderly piles, establish a list and clear up the points one by one; for illegal River related construction projects, demonstrate whether they affect flood control and meet the requirements of shoreline control one by one, The rectification requirements should be made clear, and the projects involving ecological sensitive areas such as nature reserves should be cleaned up and renovated according to laws and regulations.

In 2019, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the State Supervision Commission will take the lead in the General Administration, the Ministry of water resources will take the lead, and the Ministry of public security, the Ministry of natural resources, and the Ministry of ecological environment will take part in the work. We will resolutely correct the outstanding problems of illegal occupation of rivers and lakes, indiscriminate mining, random piling and construction, and focus on the strong reaction of the masses, infringement of the interests of the masses and ineffective rectification Fraud, etc. In the four chaos special action, 2108 four disorder problems in the standing book of rivers and lakes above the scale (rivers with a basin area of more than 1000 square kilometers and lakes with a water surface area of more than 1 square kilometers) were included in the special rectification.

Falilan fairy tale kingdom was once an amusement park built by a tourism development company in Henan Province, which occupied more than 400 mu of beach land on the South Bank of the Yellow River in Zhengzhou without any approval, threatening the safety of flood discharge and destroying the ecological system of the beach area.

During the construction process, the river affairs, land and other departments have repeatedly imposed administrative penalties, but the implementation is difficult and has not been rectified. In the special rectification of the four chaos problem of rivers and lakes, the fairyland fairy tale kingdom is listed as the key object. Through the means of multi department linkage and supervision and implementation of the Discipline Inspection Commission, it can be demolished and solved according to laws and regulations, and the original appearance of the beach area is restored.

In promoting the four chaos special regulation work of rivers and lakes, the Ministry of water resources organized the river and lake protection center and river basin management agencies to carry out multiple rounds of special supervision and irregular key supervision and inspection on key areas and important river sections. The discipline inspection and supervision group of the State Supervision Commission of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision of the Ministry of water resources specially carried out supervision and inspection on the local rectification of the outstanding problems of four chaos in rivers and lakes.

Zhoujiang River, a tributary of the Qinjiang River, passes through the town. Seven new houses are under construction. The foundation is laid on the river, which directly threatens the safety of flood discharge On November 6, 2019, after the Guangdong Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision exposed the video of illegal construction of the river course occupied by Zhoujiang Town, Wuhua County Party Committee immediately organized the demolition work and suspended 6 relevant personnel for investigation and treatment. The county Discipline Inspection Commission set up a special investigation group to thoroughly investigate the relationship network, interest chain and dereliction of duty.

By the end of 2019, 137000 four disorder problems in rivers and lakes have been cleared up and rectified in China, and the four disorder special action has achieved remarkable results. Through the cleaning and renovation, not only the appearance of rivers and lakes has been improved significantly, but also the occupied waters and beaches have been gradually returned to rivers and lakes, the flood passage of river channels has been more smooth, the flood storage space of lakes has been gradually expanded, and the ability of disaster prevention and mitigation has been greatly improved.

Build beautiful rivers and lakes for a long time

The reporter learned from the Department of river and lake management of the Ministry of water resources that up to now, 1945 rectification and cancellation have been completed for the problems listed in the four chaos problem of rivers and lakes, and the remaining 163 problems are big and tough problems with large scale, large volume and difficult regulation, including 119 problems of reclamation and Cultivation in Baiyangdian Lake.

The relevant person in charge of the river and Lake Management Department of the Ministry of Water Resources said that it was necessary to continue to strengthen the supervision and inspection of secret visits, overcome difficulties, and ensure that the remaining four disorder problems in the account are cleaned up and rectified as required, with one rectification, one review and one cancellation, so that the rectification effect can withstand social supervision and peoples inspection. The four chaos of rivers and lakes should be normalized and standardized. While continuing to clean up and renovate large rivers, it should extend to rivers and lakes below the scale, covering small and medium-sized rivers and rural rivers and lakes.

The flood control standard of small and medium-sized rivers is low and the quality of dykes is poor, so it is a weak link in flood control every year. The relevant person in charge of the Department of flood and drought disaster prevention of the Ministry of Water Resources said that while reminding local authorities to strengthen patrol inspection of small and medium-sized rivers, timely discover dangerous situations and timely rescue, efforts will be made to strengthen the management of small and medium-sized rivers through the promotion of the system of River leaders and the four chaos of rivers and lakes.

The protection of rivers and lakes is not a one-day feat. It is also necessary to promote the establishment of a long-term mechanism, speed up the delimitation of river and lake management scope, the preparation of river lake shoreline protection and utilization planning, standardize the permission of river related construction projects, promote information construction, strengthen daily inspection and supervision, and resolutely prevent the rebound of four disorder.

For a long time, we have built beautiful rivers and lakes and happy rivers and lakes.

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