Wu Xin is too confident after the fire, like wearing a carpet to go to the airport

 Wu Xin is too confident after the fire, like wearing a carpet to go to the airport

In our impression, Wu Xin has always been as pure and fresh as the girl next door, and her daily dress is also lovely and casual. This time, she did not choose fashionable and fancy clothes, but simply paired with a pure white T-shirt, which made her look more approachable. Under normal circumstances, T-shirt will be integrated with half long sleeve design, and the version is relatively loose. The effect of covering meat is absolutely first-class, which is really the gospel of fat girls.

Skirt collocation tips: legs thick friends of course to match the long version, and leg shape is more good-looking choice of short design can better show the body. But the long skirt must pay attention to match the appropriate version. If it is too long on the ground, it is not suitable for selection in life. It is not only easy to get stained with ash, but also appears to be particularly tardy and shorten the legs.

The color of accessories should be coordinated as much as possible, otherwise the color in the collocation is too much, which will make people feel gorgeous. Now many women like to choose both earrings and sunglasses. These two pieces are worn on the head, so try to match them with the same color and design to leave a good impression. If the sunglasses are made of metal, you can choose pure metal earrings to add metallic luster. If it is pure black sunglasses, then in the earrings with black elements, more harmonious beauty.

T-shirts are really wearable because they are comfortable and versatile. But its styles are similar, so the bottom determines the fashion sense of collocation. If you are conservative in wearing, but want to wear the effect of long legs, you might as well choose a wide leg pants with high waist and vertical stripe design, which is really a high-end weapon. Women must remember this collocation rule, vertical stripe fusion color collision, can let us have perfect long legs visually.

A complete set of matching can form a echo, compared with women in going out before the combination of different clothes, special worry, but also more time-saving. Wu Xins T-shirt this time integrates the same plaid pattern as the skirt at the cuff to form a echo. The plaid of bright color system itself is not easy to control. If the T-shirt is also matched with other fancy printing or embellishment, it will make people feel inferior.

How to choose a jacket in summer: we should choose a light fabric, but also try to match the upper half of the long sleeve or sleeveless cut. Women can directly use a half long sleeve shirt as a coat, or try a sleeveless vest. The loose version can make the whole person look more straightforward, but also visually show the waist is very slim. Want to wear the vitality of youth, try to choose shorter than the coat of pants, set off their own tall and straight.

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