Hao Lei Su Yan wears a printed shirt with printed pants, which is fashionable instead

 Hao Lei Su Yan wears a printed shirt with printed pants, which is fashionable instead

Mature women like Hao Lei choose a T-shirt that combines orange and green for this trip. The combination of these two colors does not make people feel rustic, but is extremely fashionable and harmonious, showing the charm of youth. Bright color matching can highlight the full tide flu, compared with the dark color of the printing, more personal style. Women dont always match with flower prints, try geometric patterns, such as plaid or square, more atmospheric, but also have a certain thin effect.

Trousers collocation rule: many girls choose fancy clothes for their upper body, while they like to match solid colored trousers for balance. But when we go on holiday, we can also choose pants with rich colors, which can echo the style of the jacket and make the collocation more holistic. But we should pay attention to, when wearing printed trousers, try to choose a loose version, otherwise tightly stretched on the legs will be very rustic.

Split with a small tip: although wide leg pants wear on the body to cover the body, but some women have a good figure, choose wide leg pants just to facilitate action, the pursuit of its comfort. So split can solve this problem, in the process of walking show leg lines, compared with matching shorts, not so exaggerated. If women choose pants with wide legs and slit design, try to choose Chiffon or silk material, which is more flexible and dynamic.

Jewelry with anti thunder strategy: many girls like to wear jewelry when they go out, although the method of folding is more popular now, but if the exaggerated jewelry is combined together, it will appear particularly cumbersome. If we want to fold our necklaces together, we should try our best to choose the fine chain, which has a low-key aesthetic feeling, and it also shows the level together. This time, the necklace selected by Hao Lei is more leisurely, which makes her look like an upstart.

Strap skirt with small tip: compared with the suspender pants, the strap skirt may be more suitable for mature women, and it will be easier to control. Because the pants have a kind of neutral and natural beauty, and the belt skirt can match a full of feminine flavor. It can not only raise the waistline, but also block the leg fat. When taking part in the activity, choose a solid color dress with T-shirt and shirt to show the girlish feeling and set off the pure and elegant of the whole person.