Shes 145, but shes a hot model in Japan. This sister is so powerful

 Shes 145, but shes a hot model in Japan. This sister is so powerful

As we all know, unlike the European and American girls, most of the women in neon country are small in size and like to dress up as Kawaii. It is relying on the invincible childrens face and matching skills, Tanaka yashiko circle powder countless, successfully wearing out with the lovely feeling of adult department.. Today, lets take a look at her high mind!

u2460 Waistline: lengthen height ratio

For small people, waist line is charm line, which I believe many girls are already familiar with. But when it comes to the use of waistline, yasiko Tanakas degree of care is really convincing.

Although it is very popular in Japan, most of yasiko Tanakas dresses have a clear waistline. At least in the camera lens, it cant be seen that she is only 150 in height.

Moreover, when she wears long clothes, she often has high slits. She uses the position of fork and waist retraction to double define the high waistline, for fear that others cant see where her legs start.

Since you cant change the height, try to improve the ratio. For the small Tian Yaya Xizi, high waist pants are simply her life piece. Japanese girls have n-leg high waist and wide leg pants, which can be worn with shirts or T-shirts.

Sometimes hiding a pair of high-heeled shoes is a bonus for leg length. Even if the Nine stilts on the ground, even if we love to see the effect of the ground.

However, Yangyang still wants to remind everyone that although the paper bag pants have the visual effect of thinner waist and longer legs, its waist line is too close to the chest, which is not suitable for big chested girls.

u2461 Good use of small bags: proportion is king

For small girls, proportion is king. When taking photos alone, the height and proportion are usually determined by the reference around us, especially the bags used in daily use. Therefore, if the bag is smaller, the height will be higher.

Its like even though our height remains the same, if we take photos in the miniature landscape like Lilliput, we suddenly feel tall.

Tian Zhongya Xizi usually doesnt need big package or small package. The contrast between the bag and the figure makes people feel that she is not so short.

When using a small bag, she can also improve the position of her bodys center of gravity through the position of the bag. The higher the bag is carried, the higher the position of ornaments on the body, and the higher the body center of gravity in natural vision.

As a result, the bottom line of her bag rarely exceeds her waistline. This wave of high-level careful machine, we can also easily learn to yo!

u2462 Clean hairstyle: create a sense of freshness

There is always a worry for small people to wear long clothes, which is to look too messy and lengthy. And yasiko Tanakas solution is to have a neat hairstyle. We usually focus on the small and lovely face, because it is easy to focus on the small and lovely face.

In order to make the visual center of gravity upward, she often uses the relaxed ball head, revealing the neck line, which makes her feel more fresh visually.

Sometimes, she would cover her untidy hair with a hat, and lift it up a few centimeters visually, which is both sun proof and stylish.

Asahiko Tanakas collocation tells us that even if the natural conditions are general, improving clothing can also make us turn against the wind. Lets all learn quickly!

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