The Swedish queen is not vulgar in red and green. No wonder the king changed for her

 The Swedish queen is not vulgar in red and green. No wonder the king changed for her

In 1991, she appeared in a big red dress. The off shoulder collar was improved into a wavy overlapping collar, extending to the fluffy skirt. The skirt looked like petals. There were fine patterns made of broken diamonds on the skirt surface, which made her more sexy and charming.

In response to the dress style, she added red flowers to her curls and wore a royal crown of loy hittenberg. The base of the crown flower pattern is made of diamond and platinum, with 11 square sapphires, necklaces and earrings, which shine brightly under the lamp.

Since the crown and accessories can only be worn by the highest ranking royal women, every year people expect what clothes she will wear.

Deep blue velvet dress, noble and elegant, exudes noble light, at this time she is middle-aged, velvet does not show old-fashioned, but a kind of calm, white lace big lapel and V-neck set off the sapphire necklace.

In the eyes of overseas fashion experts, her most beautiful look is a black-and-white striped dress with a bra. It is from Ninna Ricci, Italy. Her bow is full of girlish heart. It is hard to believe her slim figure is 50 years old.

Diamond inlaid nine pointed crown is another crown that she often wears. Its shape is similar to the sun rising in the water, and the patterns around it are like sunlight rays. Its too big and looks very aggressive.

This crown is a versatile one. It will appear with emerald at the same time and wont compete with each other. This emerald suit has a necklace and two brooches. The large brooch is used to fix the ribbon. It matches the green skirt of the Queens sling.

18 years later, they reappeared. The queen in the dark green lace dress was 74 years old, but the hair of the fixed crown was still thick.

In recent years, the queen seems to have decided to take a simple style, so the dress is not as gorgeous as in her early years. In 16 years, she wore a silver sequined long skirt, which was not slim and bulky, leading to the general evaluation.

Last years high set milk white dress is the reuse of old clothes. The white three-dimensional flower embroidery on the upper part of the body is very exquisite, which is ingeniously turned into a bra design. The printing of champagne gold is natural and natural, which makes her more dazzling.

She can speak seven languages, strong working ability, temperament is not worse than the noble, which is the main reason why the two people can get married.

In 1976, they had a grand wedding, and she became the first Swedish queen ever to be a professional woman.

At the wedding, she wore Josephines carved crown and antique headdress and Dior satin wedding dress. The style is conservative, simple and simple, and only has a big tail. The advantage is that it is not out of date in any era.

Elegant temperament and extraordinary wisdom are the secret of her victory over age at 76 years old, and also the reason why her national popularity and popularity have been extremely high since she entered the royal family.

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