Suggestion skin black female: do not wear white T-shirt in summer!

 Suggestion skin black female: do not wear white T-shirt in summer!

Although half sleeve is the most conventional fashion piece in summer, it also has its own style experience. For example, the bright color is very fresh and lovely, and some light colors match the white color, which is more basic and easy to wear, and very lining the skin color, which is also a kind of welfare choice for girls with black skin. Today, Xiaobian summarized several kinds of stars half sleeve wear, which absolutely makes your skin white and beautiful!

1. Bright color and fresh wind

Light colored half sleeves are usually matched with light colors when wearing. For example, the purple half sleeves on Li Qins body show a very casual posture in the design. It can be considered to match with some floor pants, straight pants or half skirts. In the way of wearing, the hem of the jacket can be tucked into the pants to highlight the waistline, which is worth considering.

2. Light color and gentle wind

The light color gentle Department half sleeve looks more gentle and playful in the color, suitable for the girl with dark yellow skin. Like this years popular light purple, melon, orange, beige and so on are worth considering. In addition to selecting half sleeve color for summer girls, their size and length should also be considered. If it is a more loose pants, you can choose a tight short half sleeve collocation.

Half sleeve in summer in addition to the conventional cotton round neck style, you can also choose some micro collar or Lapel design. Similar to mens Polo Shirts, but slightly different. This type of clothing will look more capable and versatile. In addition, the style of the lapel can more embellish the shoulder line, which is suitable for girls with round upper body.

2u3001 T-shirt matching recommendation

Half sleeve covers a wide range in summer, so its not easy to wear fashionable. Through the stars small knitting, this paper sums up three matching forms that are more age-saving and easy to wear. It is definitely more bright than the ordinary half sleeve and jeans. Lets have a look.

1. Half sleeve + Half skirt

Half sleeve and half skirt are usually tucked into the skirt or half to highlight the waistline, which is very friendly for small girls. For the choice of half skirt, you can consider split skirt, hip skirt, pleated skirt and so on. And the youth is more playful, you can consider Yu Shuxins leather skirt or A-line skirt collocation.

The collocation form of half skirt and half sleeve is better to have some sense of staggering in color, or wear with the same color is more bright. In some star collocation, the color of half sleeve is relatively low-key and shape, and few are matched with white half sleeve. If the pattern and fabric of skirt are relatively plain, it is best to integrate some European and American design letters or design sense into the top, so try it quickly!

2. Half sleeve + hot pants

The collocation form of half sleeve and hot pants is more casual and relaxed than that of half skirt. It doesnt need to consider too many lady images, and the cool degree is higher. For example, some out of the street or travel wear can be easily concave shape, hot pants selection is generally high waist, not only can wrap small abdominal fat, but also can show high and thin in the line of sight.

For girls with strong waist or crotch, half sleeves should not be stuffed into pants as much as possible, so as to avoid exposing the real dimension of waist and increase the overall bloated effect. It can be naturally dropped to reveal a little lower pants edge, which can not only create the fashion charm of the missing bottoms visually, but also show the long legs against the weather.

3. Half sleeve + long t

The combination of half sleeve and long t is particularly popular this year, especially in some fashion celebrities and stars. The long t inside can not only play a very good sunscreen effect, but also can be used as a build-up to improve the dark effect of the skin to the greatest extent. For the color of the long T, it can be matched with the color of the half sleeve or have some staggered feeling. For example, the black and pink color on Yang Mis body is very young.

Half sleeve and long T are overlapped to make the lower garment missing, which is a test of the wearers figure. It is easy to let the public focus on the legs. It is more suitable for girls with round upper body and uniform leg line sense. The length of half sleeve should be at one-third of thigh, and the long t inside should not exceed the edge of half sleeve. It is worth noting!