Zhongritas figure is as good as her 12-year-old husbands Leggings

 Zhongritas figure is as good as her 12-year-old husbands Leggings

Because of the slim design, leggings have high requirements for the body, and because they are too close to the body, highlight the body curve, and the lower part of the body is too fat, or conservative older women may feel embarrassed to wear alone, so they are generally used with some long tops as light proof safety pants.

Zhong Li Ti is bold in dressing. She wears underpants directly. She has no fat on her legs. She has a good figure. She cant see the ruggedness of any 50 year old woman from her back. The five pointed star pattern is added to avoid the visual feeling of underwear, which is young and energetic.

Although the all black look is versatile and thin, it is hard to avoid being dull and boring because of the single color, so as to wear a sense of age. In addition to choosing some younger pieces, we can also add some white, black and white color matching, fashionable and classic, but also have a sense of hierarchy.

On the other hand, she also used a hat and sports shoes to increase the dynamic of young people, showing that she was young. The couple, dressed in black and holding hands, showed their love at the airport. Zhongs good figure was no less than Zhang lunshuo, her 12-year-old husband.

Although plain bottomed pants are not as fashionable as the printed ones, they are more versatile, suitable for the low-key and introverted personality of older women. They can be matched with more pieces and have a higher utilization rate. However, plain colored Leggings are easy to wear at home, which is not suitable for walking out of the street. It is necessary to use some pieces to increase the fashion and visibility.

With a simple black T-shirt and silver bags and short boots, Zhong looks more everyday. Baseball cap and black sunglasses enhance the sense of fashion, so that people will not feel offended when they wear it out of the street.

Zhongrita chooses a long suit decorated with colorful beads. The velvet fabric itself has a brilliant luster, which is very atmospheric. With exaggerated accessories, it has a stage effect. After playing with the lower body for an hour, she matches a pair of thin silk stockings, which is very sexy, and is more attractive than her husband.

Chung chose a black dress to participate in the event. The translucent material has a subtle aesthetic feeling. The design of exposing the back enhances the sexy index. The whole shape is full of the charm of mature women.

She is so bold that she shows love with her husband in safety pants. Her figure is as good as her 12-year-old husband. Older women wearing all black look can get rid of the sense of age through some aging pieces; to reduce the feeling of depression, they can match some white or skin exposure to achieve.

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