Liu Yan shows her exquisite figure in a one-piece swimsuit. The waist hip ratio is really amazing

 Liu Yan shows her exquisite figure in a one-piece swimsuit. The waist hip ratio is really amazing

And the swimsuit has a lot of design features. The conjoined style is more smooth from top to bottom, so the line feeling of upper and lower body is more obvious and intuitive. Liu Yan is really a sexy goddess. The tight bathing suit perfectly outlines her good figure. The waist to hip ratio is also excellent, which makes her feel as good as the model.

In addition, the splicing of dark blue and light blue modules is also very characteristic, and the overall symmetrical shape looks more delicate and elegant. The yellow line on the shoulder becomes the overall bright spot, rich color degree. Wearing sunglasses, Liu Yan is also a super model, instantly upgrade the grade, full of aura, full of goddess.

Swimsuits also easily show slender legs, legs white and smooth tender, and not the kind of shriveled chopsticks legs, slightly meat legs more lovely.

Liu Yans career development in recent years is also good. In the past, she was often crowned as a symbol of sexiness by people, as if she was a symbol of sexiness. But now her development direction is broader, and the image of the whole person is more full. Liu Yan is not only beautiful, but also famous for her figure. Therefore, she can choose all kinds of clothes. A White Tulle dress is really beautiful, which makes people reluctant to leave their eyes. The gauze with white and transparent powder is elegant on the shoulder, with a kind of sweet feeling. Many pearls are inlaid in the tulle, which makes the whole look more exquisite and gorgeous. The skirt of the lower part of the body naturally decorates the body, and the body is graceful and graceful, which is very charming.

The pink suit with a little gray tone can show the image of a pretty woman. Pink is a favorite color for girls, but it can also be tacky if it is too delicate. And mature women are more suitable for that color, which is slightly darker. A little more low-key pink, such as Liuyans pink suit, the color is slightly gray, sweet and high-level. Feet with a pair of rose gold high-heeled shoes, bright color, very texture.

White Jumpsuit with a blue suit is more exquisite and generous. The white is clean and tidy, which may show a clean and refreshing appearance. Liuyans Jumpsuit is also very coherent and smooth. The low neck shows a slender neck, and the accessories are more exquisite. The wide leg version of the trousers can also modify the lines of the legs. The whole person is more free and easy. It is very temperament to match with high-heeled shoes. The blue suit with the coat is neat and neat, which has the style of working women. The stripes on the top are more designed and eye-catching.

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