Ivanka finally turned white into a student girl

 Ivanka finally turned white into a student girl

The white shirt and skirt she is wearing seems simple, but in fact it has a lot of advantages. The dress is full of innovative ideas and innovative ideas in terms of silhouette and design. The first thing to see is the sleeve of this dress. The dress adds three layers of pleats on the sleeve, which makes the shape appear rich and layered. This silhouette can also well cover the fat on the arm, which is similar to the palace sleeve, but different from the palace sleeve. This is the innovation.

The hem of the dress is designed as a slightly pleated umbrella skirt style, not one of which is designed as an exaggerated radian. Instead, it makes the skirt spread naturally, presenting a kind of gentle and charming state. This really makes Ivanka change from a strong woman to a student girl with a sense of vision and super age reduction. At this time, the whole Ivanka looks like she is sending out light, in the process of sending warmth She has not forgotten the intimate interaction with the children in Colorado. The eldest princess is too friendly.

Ivankas selection of this style is really good, whether from the temperament or from the clothing itself makes her charm become more diversified. This is also rare in Ivankas white dress so thin.

Ivanka itself is tall, plus a little fat, so it is easy to get fat in white. Before wearing a white suit, he had fat on his stomach.

This one-piece white swimsuit is even fatter. The whole person has a strong back and a strong waist. It is very important to match a little thin accessories in addition to the version material. For example, this black belt has a very good effect, which directly shows the ant waist.

In fact, Ivankas fashion taste is really good. The pure white dress is elegant and holy, and the black wave point added on the dress is also very durable. After adding the black wave point, the whole gauze texture dress becomes more light and lazy, as if covered with a layer of French exclusive romantic veil, the whole person exudes both noble and different charm. The lightweight fabric shows Ivan Kamans wonderful figure curve. The length of the skirt reaches the top of the knee, showing her slim leg lines. Her figure is really adorable.

The black dress is the thinnest, which must be known to all. However, Ivanka chose this black dress. I dont know why it makes her a little strong. It is because the material of the dress is not suitable for making it into a slim style. Too soft fabric will fit on peoples body, and there is no sense of space. If the fabric is not elastic and has no tight effect, the visual sense presented will not be special The whole person is beautiful and elegant, but its elegant and charming.

The combination of dark green shirt and deep blue fishtail skirt is high-end and energetic. This set of modeling is very suitable for the workplace. It not only retains the urban style and modern sense, but also shows the unique taste of women. In particular, the deep blue fishtail skirt shows the beauty of lines, and the dark green shirt is literary and formal. It has all the styles you want. It is not only versatile, but also more fashionable.

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